***Email or drop-off your Resume***

March 31st, 2020

TUESDAY at 6:00 PM

Clubhouse Theater Room (upstairs)

HOA needs to replace an open position on the board of directors. Please, provide your resume to be considered as a candidate for hire as an HOA board member.

HOA President can punch anyone... and get away with it.

What happened to Kenneth Christiansen?

BOD's Assault and Battery against HOA Residents

BOD's Assault and Battery against HOA Residents


On Nov. 4, 2015 

Kenneth Christansen was assaulted and battered by Virgil Magday at approx. 3PM. BOD's refused to pay HOA Resident's $2,000 in medical bills that were caused by HOA's Organized Criminals. Instead, HOA Resident was further victimized by $900 in retaliatory violations and vengeful fines to extort money.

BOD's Assault and Battery against HOA Residents

BOD's Assault and Battery against HOA Residents

BOD's Assault and Battery against HOA Residents


Beware of Coyotes that are disguised as Board Members.



"We Can't Breathe"

"We Can't Breathe"

"We Can't Breathe"



Date: March 31, 2020 

***4th TUESDAY of ever month***

Time: 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Location: Clubhouse Theater Room (upstairs)

Note: Neighborhood Empowerment meeting at 

Peck Park was IRONICALLY canceled in observation of INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S DAY. 

Plan to attend monthly meetings at Peck Park that are called "Neighborhood Empowerment Meetings".

Meetings are held inside the auditorium at Peck Park on the 2nd MONDAY of every month from 6-8:30PM.

Please, report your concerns to the NW San Pedro City Council to HELP defend HOA Homeowner's and HOA resident's rights. 

Recently, a "hit and run" incident occured inside the HOA community, during a time when the LAPD own security was too inebriated, or incoherent, to prevent the wreckless delivery van from entering the community only to create property damage after HOA resident's car was "hit and run" by a white delivery van without them leaving their contact information at the scene of the crime. 

LUCKILY, our diligent neighbor's efforts captured this crime on video and a police report was filed. Meanwhile, the security guard is likely suffering a severe hangover but was he terminated? And, will the HOA be searching for a more affordable, trustworthy and responsible security company that DOESN'T create an OBVIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST?


Therefore, we must work together to keep our community safe by using video cameras and/or cell phone and dashcams to document these crimes within HOA community. 

Further be aware that the HOA security guards are also staging a hoax to create retaliatory fines and liens by creating false witness to earn petty cash for the Board of Director's to offset their criminal overstaffing.

Meanwhile, HOA/LAPD Security is also earning incentives, promotions and bonuses at the resident's expense in the midst of supporting the Board of Director's historic self-serving hoax that has spent our entire $3.6 million HOA Reserve Account, along with manifesting HOA's monthly debt, caused by excessive nepotistic hiring in 2007 and 2014 that's cost the HOA over $7 million that's caused by divisive illegal NEPOTISTIC OVERSTAFFING, KICKBACKS(?), ELECTION FRAUD and INFLATED INVOICES for unnecessary construction projects that involve far too much cement...Because, apparently, this is how the board of director's   justifies or covers-up their illegal over-spending that fails to attain three bids.  

Meanwhile, the maintenance area where Raul's Crew resides, the HOA has staged 3 pallets of cement for a simple foundation repair(?).

Please, HELP prevent long standing board of directors: Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin from creating excessive spending after illegally appointing HOA friends to approve rehiring Magday's family plumbing company, Stephen's  Plumbing, before they create more NEPOTISTIC EMBEZZLEMENT through illegal issuance of overinflated invoices created by HOA Crime Syndicate.

HOA "Abuse of Power" and "Obstruction of Justice" has created "Selective Information" as their continued means to perpetrate "Selective Enforcement" and self reward. HOA's long standing organized crime syndicate is protected by multiple layers of historically contrived "conflicts of interest" involving LAPD Moonlighting as both security guards and office managers that are PAID to do the Board of Director's bidding which includes MANIFESTING retalitory fines and predatory liens to extort money through illegally formulated procedures that never holds the board of directors accountable for their nepotistic embezzlement that's created through illegal hiring and over inflated invoices only to hide from the truth of their felonious crimes by creating defamation, sexual harassment, or assault and battery to steal our money 24 hours a day. 

UNFORTUNATELY, the LAPD and LBSC judicial system both support Organized Crime. Therefore, the District Attorney refuses to investigate HOA Organized Crime. Until, the LAPD watch commander decides to report the HOA board of director's violent assaults against the HOA residents as being motivated by financial gains to be INVESTIGATED as being instigated by 2-3 longstanding board members to facilitate Organized Crime. Meanwhile, these felonious community members have manipulated the situation through historic violence and criminal minded intimidation to become permanent fixtures upon the HOA board of directors that are motivated to hide one another's financial crimes.


MEANWHILE, since 2014, LAPD SECURITY has EARNED $500K per year and they've been paid approximately $3 million dollars. 

HOA Gardeners have, also, been paid over $4 million since being illegally hired without a quorum in 2007.

Meanwhile, their historic overspending without any checks or balances has depleted our entire HOA Reserve Account. The HOA is also conspire with offsite property managment company, family plumbing company and HOA Attorneys to create HOA HOAX and historic harassment through nepotistic hirings to commit their conspiracy of ulterior motives to include illegally formulated liens which is now being decided within a class action lawsuit against ALS LEIN COMPANY. 



Case#1263346 and Case#1475129 

LAPD DR#1605147




"HOA Clubhouse Monthly Meeting"

Date: March 31, 2020 TUESDAY

Time: 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Location: Clubhouse Theater Room (upstairs)


New BOARD MEMBERS (5) NEEDED to replace: 






Date: March 31st, 2020 TUESDAY

Time: 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Location: Clubhouse Theater Room (upstairs)


Marilyn Campbell recently retired and we need 

PLEASE, plan to attend the HOA Meetings that are being held on the 4th TUESDAY of every month, inside the Theater Room, that's located UPSTAIRS inside the clubhouse, right above the main office.

When Does Your HOA Need an Independent, Third-Party-Audit? NOW!!! The time has come to hire a Third-Party Auditor to create HOA Audit before it's too late!!!

It's MOST DEFINITELY the HOA homeowner's responsibility to ask or petition these HISTORICALLY negligent board members and current board of directors, Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin, to resign before their conspired HISTORIC FELONIOUS SPENDING, NEPOTISTIC over-hiring and two decades of divisive self-serving overspending and unlawful self-reward, leads to more VIOLENCE against the HOA Residents, to create MORE intentional financial setbacks and avoidable Special Assessments. 

The reason "We Can't Breath" is because the board of directors redrafted the CCnR's to legalize organized crime. 

Previously, board members were limited to serve on the board of directors for ONLY two consecutive terms. 

Until, the current board of directors created their "Game Plan" to divisively hire numerous "conflicts of interest" to DIVISIVELY & NEGLIGENTLY conspire to redraft the CCnR's to legalize NEPOTISTIC EMBEZZLEMENT. 

Board members are repetitively and systematically conspiring to spend $1.5 million at a time without any responsibility or protocol and without painting the buildings or resurfacing our roofs. 

Meanwhile, the BOD's refuses to attain three bids which violates the CCnR's. 

Then, the board of directors hires TONS of his friends and family to chop down our trees, unnecessarily, while stuffing their pockets with our money from the falling leaves as if our communities money grows or falls from HOA trees. 

The HOA board of indifferent board members are conspiring to abusively OVER-TRIM healthy trees and bushes in a counter productive way while divisively earning overtime on an overpriced contract that DIVISIVELY overpaid and overhired their friends and family without attaining three bids and violating the CCnR's while creating self serving overpriced "back to back to back" SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS.

TERMLESS OCCUPANCY under the control of these FELONIOUS board members will soon bankrupt our community while they continue eating at the trough...just like THREE LIL' PIGGIES that are also the ones "huffing and puffing" or "laughing out loud" at HOA Meetings in their desperate attempt to try to excuse or mask or conceal to conspire to fullfill their NEPOTISTIC desires and illegally hire habitually LOUD leaf blowers and Stephen's Plumbing to create retalitory charade that are specifally employed to blow down our doors and knock down our townhouses with their OVER-PRICED NEPOTISTIC NOISE NUISANCES and COSTLY WINDSTORMS that's DESTROYING our outdated townhomes that are made from old sticks and cracked stones that are burdened by HUGE DEBT. Because, these HUGE HOA piggies are absorbing all of our money within nepotistic fixed costs...only to issue us "back to back" Special Assessments. 

Meanwhile, the board members are laughing all the way to the bank, every month, over the past 20 years. Especially, after they dream up or manifest another unnecessary contract for their family plumbing business, Stephen's Plumbing.


2007 to present...Or, 12 years later, the HOA has NEPOTISTICALLY spent $4 million on fulltime HOA Gardeners.

2014 to present...Or, 6 years later, the HOA has DIVISIVELY spent $3 million on HOA Security that's owned by LAPD officer which is creating an "abuse of power" and an "obstruction of justice" within this divisive Conflict of Interest. 

Meanwhile, the District Attorney and the Attorney General won't investigate organized crimes created by LAPD Moonlighting.

2007 to PRESENT...


Steps to Take If You Suspect Fraudulent Activity Within the HOA Board


Unresolved corruption was DIVISIVELY created by BOD's decision to change and manipulate the CCnR's to remove the clause limiting board members service to only two term maximum. 

Therefore, the board of directors has divisively created TERMLESS OCCUPANCY which is likely to create HOA's BANKRUPTCY which is caused by Board of Director's (BOD's) habitual long-term OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING and ILLEGAL NEPOTISTIC HIRING and OVER-INFLATED invoices issued to friends and family without attaining three bids which violates the CCnR's and NEGLIGENTLY depleted our $3.6 million reserve account as the result of the BOD's ongoing staged felonious HOAX that operates without any checks and balances caused by nepotism and longstanding "conflicts of interest". 

Because, the board of directors redrafted the CCnR's to allow TERMLESS OCCUPANCY and EXCESSIVE NEPOTISTIC OVER STAFFING to steal from our community AT LARGE, 24 Hours a day, 365 days a week commiting unreported violence against the RESIDENTS at LARGE. 

NEPOTISTIC OVERSTAFFING hasn't allowed opportunity to deposit money into the Reserve Account.




Plan to attend Neighborhood Empowerment monthly meeting at Peck Park in San Pedro on 2nd Monday of every month from 6 to 8:30PM. 

Next Peck Park Meeting is on October 14th.


How much MONEY do the friends and family of Virgil Magday EARN from employment through the HOA?

How many of Virgil Madgay's people are on the HOA payroll?

How many HOA employees and contractors are related to Virgil Magday?


BOD's has created two decades of illegal and unauthorized spending while conspiring to rewrite the CCnR's to create their "termless occupancy" upon the BOD's within their "circle of thieves" that includes the LAPD officer owned security company, Leo Sec Security, along with their family and friends, Stephen's Plumbing, HOA plant managers, Don Mink Property Management, Raymond Kaiser and Pamela Swindells from Kaiser and Swindells Lawfirm, and HOA Gardeners that are hired to conspire within their illegally hired "conflicts of interest" to SYSTEMATICALLY HARASS and RETALIATE against HOA Residents that oppose nepotistic embezzlement, felonious spending and UNINVESTIGATED CRIMES. 

Historic illegal spending has created a negative $3.6 million balance in the HOA's Reserve Account, as a direct result, of TERMLESS OCCUPANCY, upon the board of directors, that's created our HOA's financial demise, as result of, the BOD's HISTORICALLY staged "Abuse of Power" and "Obstruction of Justice" as a result of "election fraud", that's caused by HOA board members, HOA Attorneys, Property Management Co., illegally hired friends as plant managers (2) and family plumbing company, Stephen's Plumbing, to include Leo Sec Security, unlicensed contractor's and Shades of Green tree service to continue instigating the board of directors (BOD's) conspired violence to create ENDLESS EMBEZZLEMENT through historically deliberate self-serving nepotistic rehiring to recreate historic NEPOTISTIC FINANCIAL ASSAULT, ASSAULT and BATTERY, NOISE NUISANCES, VANDALISM, DEFAMATION, THEFT and ENDLESS RETALIATION to orchestrate embezzlement and retaliatory fines and contrived litigations to both conceal and reward criminal behavior within the Board of Director's historic Organized Crime Syndicate as a requirement to keeping the lights on when no bodies home. Or, while homeowners are too busy working overtime to fund the BOD's HISTORIC illegally hired friends, as full time employees, after being ILLEGALLY hired by Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin without a quorum or community approval. 

Ulterior motives are deliberately created through nepotism and felonious assault to recreate revenge to reestablish self reward from their conspired criminal financial assault. 

UNBELIEVABLY, HOA hired LAPD owned security squad to take over the job of OFFICE MANAGER within the HOA Office. Their "Game Plan" is to CONSPIRE with board of directors, Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin, along with LAPD/HOA security sqaud, LAPD/HOA office staff, District Court Judges and District Attorney (?) to discriminate against HOA Residents within their divisively contrived self-serving and intentionally illogical harassment that serves both of their goals to retaliate and discriminate while also benefiting FINANCIALLY from their HISTORIC charade that issues retalitory fines and litigations within their nepotistic circle of friends to help Virgil Magday create endless embezzlement, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 

Especially, since, the BOD's historic conspired corruption has manifested financial negligence that has depleted the entire $3.6 million HOA Reserve Account. 

Now, the HOA Residents are being targeted to pay unwarranted fines as a means to satisfy these greedy pigs.

"Oink, oink...OINK!!!!" 

The HOA/LAPD Security squad has issued more than $77,500 in fines to harass the HOA Residents without justification or any justice as a means to allow the HOA Security to fill their quotas in order to earn promotion into the HOA Office where they can further conspire to support, create and conceal the HOA's financial embezzlement and violent extortion as their conspired "Game Plan" to perpetrate fraudulent fines and election fraud that's VIOLATING SB-1265 while rehiring HOA Attorney to count the votes or litigate against HOA Residents that have caught the BOD's and his trusted friends and family recreating nepotistic embezzlement by illegally overhiring friends and family, ENDLESSLY.

Meanwhile, the BOD's negligent spending has left the HOA Residents responsible for the Special  Assessments caused by NUMEROUS companies that are rehired by the board of directors to conspire and hide their collaborative corruption created by inflated invoices that overcharges the community without attaining three bids. 

Therefore, recent $204K Special Assessment was conducted without attaining three bids and the BOD's has only collected half the money from the HOA Residents and the the BOD's has apparently exceeded their original nepotistic guesstimate by $184K...which created a -$288K deficit on top of depleting HOA's $3.6 Million Reserve Account as a result of termless occupancy caused by redrafting CCnR's to legalize Organized Criminal assault.

Meanwhile, how well do know your board candidates? And, what's Lee Baca's daughter's name (______ Baca?) that was left in charge to manage the commissary within the Los Angeles County prison system? CHEWBACCA 


We must stop election fraud that's being created by illegal collection of ballots for the quorum or the corrupted board of directors that's been created with the support of LAPD officer owned security company, LEO SEC SECURITY, ADAMS and KESSELER LAWFIRM, KAISER and SWINDELLS LAWFIRM, DONALD MINK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO. along with proxy votes that are CONTROLLED by board members. 

For example, Marilyn Campbell, long time board member, that was apparently previously married to LAPD officer, owns 27 votes that are being used to help recreate self reward through election fraud that casts their votes to legalize nepotistic embezzlement.

The voting rules and procedures shouldn't allow office staff to solicit or collect ballots from the HOA Residents. The Board of Director's shouldn't be allowed to hire HOA Attorney and Property Management company to count the votes, because, this violates SB-1265. 

Furthermore, HOA board of directors (BOD's) shouldn't be allowed to fund their election campaign with HOA Residents money to continue affording these UNSCRUPULOUS board members opportunity to steal our money to fund their ELECTION FRAUD to perpetrate ongoing corruption while charging HOA Residents with the cost of the BOD's campaign expenses including: HOA Attorney's drafting fees, USPS Postage, printed copies, paper, ink, and envelopes as their CONTINUED means to STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION AWAY from the HOA Community caused by BOD's staged and self-serving nefarious negligence to include election fraud. 

Therefore, please, hand-deliver your ballots at 6PM on October 29th inside the clubhouse.

Why did the HOA Board Members, Donald Mink Property Management Co., HOA Attorney and the LAPD Security Squad ALL plan to conspire to delay posting timely signage regarding HOA Monthly Meetings to include the recent "Meet the Candidates Meetings"?

October 14th 6-8:30PM

Peck Park Neighborhood Empowerment

Plan to attend the next Neighborhood Empowerment at Peck Park on 2nd Monday of every month.


Additionally, each homeowner should only be allowed to possess one ballot rather than being allowed to cast multiple ballots by one person or entity that's monopolized ownership of our community to create legalized embezzlement. Because, this is EXACTLY what's created historic self-serving conflict of interest by allowing illegal voting procedures to legalize the BOD's self-serving retaliatory misappropriation through election fraud to recreate self-benefit from the HOA's staged election fraud that empowers retalitory financial oppression. 

Therefore, VOTER ANONYMITY should be instituted to prevent HOA Residents from being retaliated against by the BOARD MEMBERS that they've PUBLICALLY CHOSEN NOT TO REELECT.

It's long over due that we OUTLAW TERMLESS OCCUPANCY and IMPEACH these negligent  board members...that are recreating counter productive self-serving FINANCIAL assault against the HOA Community at LARGE.

HOA Residents are being DISCRMINATED against if they openly oppose being financially and verbally or physically assaulted.

However, HOA Residents shouldn't, also, be assaulted for casting their vote to END ORGANIZED CRIME thru historic NEPOTISTIC FELONIOUS HOA CORRUPTION. Therefore, HOA RESIDENT'S VOTES should be held in confidence and not shared with HOA Attorney and board  members. Otherwise, HOA Residents will likely be DISCRIMINATED against by the tyrannical board of directors which likely creates voter apathy that's caused by violent intimidation, financial retaliation and professional defamation created within the HOA Newsletter.

HOA Board of Director's (BOD's) are desperately trying to CONCEAL their crimes and HIDE THE TRUTH to retain endless control of our HOA's annual intake that's approximately equivalent to $2.75 million to be divided amongst themselves without any dedication or responsibility to deposit money into the HOA's Reserve Account, or even, paint the buildings or resurface the roofs over the past twenty to thirty years? 

When were HOA Residential buildings last painted? 

When were the building's roofs last resurfaced and hotcoated?

Unfortunately, the board members have neglected to do the right thing only to compromise HOA's financial solvency without being held responsible for depleting HOA's $3.6 million Reserve Account.

These self-serving financial crimes have failed to preserve our Reserve Account or increase our  HOA Reserve Account Balance, as a result of divisively overhiring their family and friends without responsibility to HOA Residents. 

Meanwhile, the board of director's historic crimes  are protected by HOA Attorney, Don Mink Property Management, HOA Security and illegally hired contractors and plant managers that are employed to conspire against HOA Residents to validate the board of director's endless misappropriation of HOA money through nepotistic overhiring and overspending.

Historically, HOA money is being spent without attaining three bids which violates the CCnR's and offers clear reason why the HOA Residents should demand the BOD's immediate resignation before it's too late and before they conspire to manifest another Special Assessment which is required to pay for the backgate that was "$omehow" destroyed without realizing who barrelled through the gate to create another money grab or Special Assessment. 

Therefore, who's to say the HOA hasn't received double payment from both the driver and the HOA Residents after we're told to believe the HOA's story about how the HOA/LAPD Security Squad didn't realize the license plate of the person responsible?

How's it possible that we are forced to employ the LAPD owned security since 2014 at $500K per year and spending $3 million? 

Yet, how come these handsomely rewarded security guards can't realize who busted down the gate and drove through the entire HOA community dragging the iron gate 150 feet from it's original location? Can you please tell me who's responsible for investigating this "hit and run" incident? 

Meanwhile, the BOD's continues to use the MCE Newsletter to create selective information and divisive defamation as the BOD's antidote to offset their historic nepotistic illegal spending to facilitate their greedy self-serving "Game Plan" that hires HOA Attorney and HOA Security to protect their conspired charade or long standing HOA hoax. 

The HOA residents can't afford to continue to blindly trust these board members, because, they have mismanaged our finances in a criminally hostile manner without any integrity or checks and balances. 

Meanwhile, these two kingpins named Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin have conspired to create their "Game Plan" to establish a privately managed community within a self rewarding structure that's protected within their quasi-gov't to preserve their endless gains created without responsibility to any Code of Conduct.





Listen to HOA president, Virgil Magday's, HISTORICALLY undelightful sexual harassment and his afternoon serenade that was accompanied by HOA Board Member, Connie Schneider, and Plant Manager#2 to recreate historic defamation and extortion through contrived violence and sexual harassment creating endless conflicts of interest and retalitory fines to extort money to create petty cash and self-reward for long time board members.

Now, unfortunately, it's COMPLETELY necessary for Miraleste Canyon Estates homeowners to attend HOA Meetings to ask these 5 historically manipulative BOARD MEMBERS to IMMEDIATELY resign from their board member positions. 

BOD's has CONSPIRED TO CONCEAL illegal hiring and over-spending to facilitate harassment that's paid to DRAIN THE ENTIRE $3.6 MILLION HOA RESERVE ACCOUNT.

The Board of Director's historic failures to perform their financial duties to properly safeguard or protect our HOA's financial status has DELIBERATELY and HISTORICALLY failed to prevent the complete depletion of HOA's $3.6 MILLION HOA Reserve Account, because, they've got their nepotistic priorities mixed up. 

These 5 board members: Virgil Madgay, Mike Holguin, Marilyn Campbell, Connie Schneider and Ron Segovia have ALL HISTORICALLY failed to meet their financial obligation to HOA Residents which has historically over-spent HOA money manifesting "nepotistic agendas" that are protected by "divisively angry hostility" along with a violent board of directors named Virgil Magday that's historically conspiring with HOA/LAPD Security and his family plumbing business along with long-time board member, Mike Holguin.

Therefore, it's all the more imperative that we as HOA homeowners attend the HOA meetings, before, these conspiring delinquents create another Special Assessment, caused by the historic culture within the board of directors to facilitate nepotism that has no loyalty or respect for HOA Residents. 

This current and historically positioned board of directors (BOD's) possess ZERO common sense and less common courtesy in order to steal HOA money. 

The delinquent board of directors is deliberately ignoring long overdue work orders and basic duties of trimming bushes without vandalizing the landscaping or hacking them down in a vengeful tirade.

Meanwhile, for over two decades, this historic BOD's has never bothered to attain three bids or schedule any work detail involving repainting the buildings or resurfacing the roofs. 

The BOD's is far too devoted to hiring friends and family while they ALL ignore basic maintenance and upkeep of the exterior of the buildings.

Now, the HOA roofs are leaking in the winter and the spring. And, the buildings are cracked and the wood trim around the windows is old and delapidated which is creating an overhead hazard.


Over 9 months ago, my work order was placed related to water damage caused by a leaky roof. 

Meanwhile, the BOD's historic nepotistic embezzlement is manifesting abusive discrimination and retaliation along with a lack of integrity within the BOD's that's over-hired their family and friends creating multiple "conflicts of interest" to protect the BOD's  financial improprieties while manifesting intentionally dysfunctional procrastination to conceal mismanagement to create self-reward through OVER-PRICED INVOICES and RETALITORY FINES and CONTRIVED LITIGATIONS recreating financial assault against the HOA residents and HOA Community attacking our civil and constitutional rights. 

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the office to acknowledge my requested repair to schedule this overdue work order to fix the damaged and cracked stucco along with the leaky roof.

I reported the situation and submitted photographs and video to document the leaky roof dripping inside my townhome from 2AM to 4AM on two separate occasions. 

However, the BOD's has taken zero action beyond becoming PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE and reluctant to repair the roof or paint and patch the cracked stucco.

Over the past twenty years, the BOD's has taken zero action to maintain or repair the leaky roofs beyond pouring money into the BOD's pockets without saving any money to facilitate repainting or resurfacing the buildings or hot-coating the HOA resident's roofs. 

Instead, the HOA is orchestrating UNNECESSARY EXCAVATION of undamaged parking lots at $6/foot which is far more than the usual $1.20 cost to resurface and hotcoat ASPHALT PARKING LOTS. The "Beautification Project" included unnecessary removal of healthy mature shade trees at a cost of $15K/tree or at the HUGE LOSS of 100 mature shade trees that cost $1.5 million.

Meanwhile, HOA's historic passive aggressive refusal to schedule this requested repair for nine months occured under the direction of the HOA BOD's (Virgil Magday's) hostile command to facilitate passive AGGRESSION. Rather than, allowing the office staff to schedule the repair of my leaky roof or the cracked stucco that has also not been painted. Several HOA Residents are experiencing water damage caused by the historic nepotistic mismanagement that created golden drainage pipes, platinum plated parking lots, lousy unprofessional landscaping, cracked stucco, unpainted buildings, outdated brown window trim and leaky old roofs.

Certified USPS letter was sent to HOA over 8 days ago requesting this work order to be sceduled. We're also still waiting to recieve copy of requested invoices pertaining to recent Special Assessments. 

Instead, Virgil Magday is assaulting HOA Residents with help from his illegally hired friends that are hired to conspire with him and his "love interest" and fellow board member, Connie Schneider, and two different illegally hired plant managers and HOA Attorneys and NUMEROUS security squads like LAPD officer owned, Leo Sec Security, to continue creating retalitory financial assaults with undeserved violations to issue HOA Residents with more and more fines after the HOA resident asks to receive a copy of the invoices and the required three bids. 

Or, maybe, the HOA resident is fined after asking if the BOD's posted VISIBLE SIGNAGE at both the front and back-gates to notify HOA residents of the HOA Monthly Meetings as is required by the CCnR's. 

Or, maybe HOA Residents are fined by the immature ranks of HOA Security that's owned by LAPD officer Nick Ferrara. 

Passive aggressive harassment within HOA's methodology to harass is designed to create and manifest mismanagement to divisively create passive aggressive response to deny any timely positive results.

Instead, HOA Resident is issued another fine while Virgil Magday and four fulltime office staff to include former security guards that were hired as office managers ALL refuse to answer the phone to avoid HOA responsibility of fixing the roofs and posting visible signage.

Until I asked....only to have my WORK ORDERS divisively ignored for 8 months. HOA is designed to harasss residents by refusing to repair the cracked stucco and leaky roofs only to issue HOA Residents another MALICIOUSLY MANIFESTED fine after being harassed by office staff members that are paid to refuse to answer the phone and/or refuse to facilitate copies of requested invoices to conspire with Virgil Magday to hide the BOD's historic financial improprieties, nepotistic embezzlement and illegal hiring along with election fraud to conceal their ORGANIZED CRIMINAL SPENDING and INJUSTICE that creates self-serving DISCRIMINATION and NEPOTISTIC OVER-HIRING to conceal their financial crimes, rather than, paint the buildings or repair the leaky roofs and cracked stucco.   

The Board of Directors has failed to maintain the exterior of the buildings and the HOA Reserve Account has been depleted by Virgil Magday's and Mike Holguin's nepotistic embezzlement. 

Instead, the BOD's has constantly rehired Virgil Magday's families' plumbing business without ever attaining three bids which violates SB-1265 and recreates historic nepotistic embezzlement that's criminally motivated to perpetrate assault and battery against the "COMMUNITY at LARGE" to hide BOD's felonious criminality that's inspired to extort and embezzel HOA Residents' money within the HOA Board of Director's endless nepotistic effort to steal from our HOA community at large within their quasi-government that operates without any evidence of a democracy beyond stealing our money within illegally hired CONFLICTS OF INTEREST.

Currently, this year, these two board members, Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin, have created a negative $4,990.41 balance or deficit from their "Termless Occupancy" that's "historic conspired efforts" have historically manifested self-reward rather than protecting our investment.

Meanwhile, the HOA is physically and financially assaulting residents and honest board members with false accusations and contrived litigations to conceal their historic self-serving financial crimes while continuing to extort more money from the resident after the HOA Residents asked the board of directors to create "common sense" and "financial safeguards" to protect HOA's solvency. 

Because, unfortunately, this common sense plan doesn't support the board members "private agenda" to create NEPOTISTIC EMBEZZLEMENT through deliberately designed and long standing CONFLICTS OF INTEREST that are designed to increase their personal wealth at the cost of our financial solvency. 

HOA's ULTERIOR MOTIVES are being designed daily to create non-stop financial assault through passive aggressive harassment that refuses to acknowledge the necessity of repairing the buildings, resurfacing the ROOFS or maintaining any money in the Reserve Account.

Therefore. these people can't be trusted to manage our HOA COMMUNITY.

HOA Board of Directors operates without any CHECKS AND BALANCE to continue PERPETUATING endless over staffing that has conspired to create NEPOTISTIC EMBEZZLEMENT and HUGE fixed costs that's perpetuating recklessly divisive and self-serving spending along with retaliatory assault against the HOA Residents to extort more money within their "GAME PLAN" to steal our money through nonstop issuance of over inflated invoices, FALSIFIED fines and fraud based violations that's targeting HOA Resident's personal assets to afford them continued opportunity to operate in the RED while orchestrating DEVISIVE FELONIOUS FINANCIAL ASSAULTS to intentionally commit FRAUD to BANKRUPT our HOA Community at LARGE and sell off our real estate to the majority owners that have plans to bulldoze the residents into homelessness after systematically and historically embezzling our entire $3.6 million HOA Reserve Account while ultimately and intentionally targeting our real estate assets to create foreclosure only to acquire the property on a short sale if HOA Residents can't afford to meet their next staged ransome or NEPOTISTIC Special Assessment that failed to attain three bids only to create endless self reward at the ULTIMATE expense of each and everyone of our townhomes.

Unless, we stand together to oust these criminals off the board of directors, INDEFINITELY and FOREVER, to safe guard and protect our real estate investment without allowing our townhomes to be stolen from us by the corrupted board of directors that's CONSPIRING with the LAPD Moonlighting as HOA Security since 2014 earning $500K/year or $3 million and causing our financial demise within Miraleste Canyon Estates or Laurel Tree Apartments which is apparently our HOA's "actual" legal name which might seem insignificant. 


"Ruthless" HOA

"We Can't Breathe"

"We Can't Breathe"


(Video Evidence)

Historic improprieties can be realized after reading...


Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129

"I CAN'T BREATHE" refers to 

Historic Oppressive Harassment (HOH).


While serving a two year term as an elected volunteer board member, I discovered repetitive collusion and historic criminal impropriety. 

Then, I was subjected to DIVISIVE defamation created by  $150K falsified litigation to conceal HOA improprieties regarding illegal hiring and criminal negligence.

The previous HOA office manager, HOA Quorum, HOA Plant Manager#1 and HOA Attorneys ALL conspired to retaliate against me by creating a FRAUDULENT LITIGATION against me after I caught HOA Quorum conspiring to embezzle $170K.

HOA con-spired to target my public school teaching career after I caught them tripling our landscaping costs after illegal hiring plant manager#1 and Raul's Crew to conspire to embezzle $170K and create $150K Special Assessment that named me as the cause when in fact it was Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin's INTENTIONAL negligence that perpetuated this. NEPOTISTIC crime against the community. 

The previous HOA office manager, HOA Quorum and HOA Attorneys ALL conspired to retaliate against me by targeting my public school teaching career with a contrived litigation to silence the truth after they were discovered over-spending $170K for pool fencing repair with Los Gatos tree service. Meanwhile, Marina Gate Company offered LARRY Wiggins a $13K quote for a new fence with two new gates.

HOA NEPOTISM involved spending $670K after illegally terminating $110K contract with GS Brother's, a PROFESSIONAL and LEGITIMATE landscaping company. 

HOA DIVISIVELY hired Plant Manager#1 along with HOA Gardeners (8) allowing Plant Manager#1 to "divisively" enter into an unauthorized contract for $170K with Los Gatos tree service. Additionally concerning, is the fact that GS Brother's was doing our landscaping for an annual cost of only $110K, without obligating HOA to paying worker's compensation, because, they are a subcontractor as opposed to a full-time employee.


(View Video Evidence)

(Sexual Harassment, Defamation, Assault and Battery, and Professional  Discrimination)

Historic improprieties can be realized after reading... Case#1263346


Illegal spending and unauthorized hiring  cost HOA $520K while creating an additional $150K Special Assessment requiring 516 residents to each pay $180...while falsely blaming and defaming me for a falsified litigation based on false claims created by HOA Plant Manager#1. 

HOA board of directors colluded with illegally hired Plant Manager#1 to create $150K litigation based on a falsified claim of "wrongful termination" claiming "discrimination" according to his "sexual orientation" as the HOA's means of retaliating against the person that discovered their $170 Los Gatos SCAM created by their ILLEGALLY HIRED plant manager that was caught BLATANTLY violating the terms of his contract. Mike Holguin and Virgil Magday allowed Plant Manager#1, Mike Fore, to enter into an over-priced and unauthorized $170K contract for Pool#2 fencing repair that should've only cost $12K according to our current gate vendor, Marina Gate Co.

Plant Manager#1 colluded with HOA to create ILLEGAL NEPOTISM and negligent spending which caused me to be DIVISIVELY defamed in the HOA Newsletter because HOA Attorney's create ENDLESS LEGAL PROTECTION for the HOA Quorum without providing any legal protection for the innocent residents to create legal assault based on divisively contrived litigations to legalize NEPOTISTIC embezzlement and conceal or hide their historic Organized Crimes within a contrived legal assault designed to extort $320K. 

PLANT MANAGER#1's contract was terminated after he entered into an illegal contract. THEREFORE, PLANT MANAGER WAS FIRED on solid grounds because he violated the terms of his contract. 

I revealed HOA's negligent spending which caused me to be DIVISIVELY and MALICIOUSLY defamed in the HOA Newsletter.

HOA created falsified litigation to silence the facts relating to the HOA's NEPOTISTIC illegal hiring and negligent firing that failed to follow basic legal protocol to UNLAWFULLY invite plant manager#1, Mike Fore, to sue me and extort $320K.

Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin illegally hired Mike Fore and gifted their associate an undeserved and unlawful $7K severance check WITHOUT REQUIRING their friend to sign a WAIVER along with MANIFESTING a $78K salary only to DIVISIVELY ignore his illegal spending of $170K which violated the terms of his contract rendering "just cause" and "legal merit" to terminate his contract. 

Meanwhile, HOA attorneys' conspired and colluded with HOA Quorum to validate $150K litigation created by the HOA BOD's, HOA staff and plant manager#1 without defending my legal rights...instead, HOA Attorney created illegal assault and malicious intentions against me as the only honest board member.

HOA Attorneys colluded with plant manager#1 to allow HOA Board to embezzle $170K of HOA money through INFLATTED OVER-PRICED contracts to include $150K FRAUDULENT based litigation.

HOA SPENT OVER $670K while employing Plant Manager#1 and HOA Gardeners (8) after tripling landscaping costs...and terminating $110K contract with GS Brother's, a professional landscaping services...to create DIVISIVE $170K EMBEZZLEMENT and a $150K contrived litigation against the only honest board member's targeting their professional reputation, teaching career and teaching credential.

HOA attempted to silence my complaint by retaliating against me after I discovered HOA's criminal impropriety that unnecessarily spent $670K.   

Historically, two separate law firms are paid to protect the quorum's illegal behavior to conceal their combined guilt of embezzlement through nepotism, malicious defamation, falsified fines and contrived litigations based on false-hoods. 

My professional career as a public school teacher was targeted to conceal the HOA's guilt by suing me based on false allegations of sexually harassing their illegally hired plant manager. Because, I discovered HOA's historic criminal negligence. 

However, after watching the videos at www.HOA-X.com, you can clearly see the HOA is guilty of sexually harassing me on two different occasions. 

Historic HOA retaliation and defamation was created to intimidate me by issuing me over $6K in retaliatory fines on two different occasions. 

2009, HOA plant manager#1, Mike Fore, sued me for $150K while I was a volunteer HOA board member, because, he was caught violating the terms of his contract. Mike Fore entered into an unauthorized con-tract with Los Gatos spending $170K on pool fencing repairs without community approval. 

HOA Quorum created fraud based litigation of discrimination against me, because, I caught their illegally hired plant manager#1 violating the terms of his contract. Therefore, Mike Fore was fired with just cause because he failed to get a bbid from our gate vendor, Marina Gate Co, before hiring Los Gatos to grind the fencing for six months just after he was, illegally, hired by Mike Holguin and Virgil Magday without a quorum or ccommunity approval. 

During the Bug Stop Fumigation Project, Raul's Crew chopped my bushes down 5 feet shorter. Next, plant manager#2, Raul Tovar Lopez, was blowing me kisses from inside his car when I turned off of Western Blvd. onto Weymouth Street. 

Meanwhile, HOA attorney is defending Raul Tovar Lopez's criminal domestic violence against his wife that's also an HOA Resident that's being assaulted 

on three different occasions. Because, HOA Organized Crime is protected by HOA Attorney without HOA residents approval or knowledge. 

Apparently, HOA Attorney is also involved with preventing plant manager#2 from paying child support. 

Meanwhile, HOA Attorney failed to offer me any legal advice while suffering from false allegations created by plant manager #1. Therefore, HOA Attorney is responsible for assaulting innocent individuals that reside within HOA and are being assaulted by HOA Attorney that's protecting violence and corruption.


Raul's Crew, Leo Sec Security and Virgil Magday chopped my bushes down 5 feet shorter as a means to silence my complaint regarding the excessive $500K cost of fumigation project that failed to attain three bids. This led to me being issued $6,000 in fines on two separate occasions. 


Sept. 21, 2016

The 2nd video and photo gallery shows involvement of Virgil Magday, LAPD owned Leo Sec Security, and Christopher Louse Spiegelman which occurred during DG Paving's $350K excavation of undamaged parking lots. I was again issued $6,000 in fines to retaliate against me for asking to see the three bids along with the DG Paving invoices.

This excessive excavation contract of undamaged parking lots created a 10% increase in monthly dues. 

Most, if not all, of the people or contractors, hired or appointed  by Virgil Magday and Michael Holguin are done so with an ulterior motive to create, support, conceal or execute Organized Crimes against the HOA community that includes violence, professional defamation, extortion, sexual harassment, vandalism, contrived litigations, perjury, NOISE NUISANCES, election fraud and professional discrimination.

DG Paving, HOA/LAPD owned security, Leo Sec Security, along with HOA President, Virgil Magday and Christopher Louse Spiegelman, the 300 Lb. HOA Henchmen...all were present to HARASS and conspire to hide the truth of the HOA's unnecessary contract.

HOA HARASSMENT created divisive professional defamation, sexual harassment, discrimination, and assault and battery which occurred on my doorstep that led to suffering UNEMPLOYMENT along with life altering disability after being HISTORICALLY DEFAMED and attacked or tackled from behind, while attempting to enter my home.

HOA Residents have been divisively HISTORICALLY assaulted by the foul mouthed HOA President and his long standing relationship with HOA Attorneys and unscrupulous people to include; the 300 Lb. HOA henchmen, Christopher Louse Spiegelman, HOA Attorneys, HOA Board Members, HOA Staff, HOA Plant Managers, Offsite property manager and HOA Security.  

In addition, HOA residents suffer from the stress created by HISTORIC financial assaults created by HOA Defamation, contrived litigations and over $10K of retaliatory fines created by the HOA's quasi-government and Historic Organized Crime Syndicate.


HOA termless occupancy is controlled by HOA Attorney, LAPD Security, and HOA President, Virgil Magday. 

The HOA's MALICIOUS nepotistic agenda creates intensifying financial assault, discrimination and defamation to hide illegal spending that fails to attain three bids. 

Instead, Magday has historically attacked innocent residents to hide his guilt with a barrage of discrimination and defamation that includes $10,000 in UNWARRANTED RETALIATORY fines along with a CONTRIVED $150K LAWSUIT that falsely blamed me, based on false allegations, after I discovered, HOA's $170K illegal improprieties and illegal hiring.

The HOA's con-spired motives behind the HOA's assaulting barrage is historically created to enforce Magday's free-will that's devoted to sustaining his family's plumbing business at the expense of the HOA Community or anyone that questions his criminal behavior to include: violent fraud based crimes. 


While serving a two year term as an elected volunteer board member, I discovered criminal impropriety. As an HOA board member and long term residents, I'm CONSISTENTLY and HISTORICALLY harassed by HOA, because, I discovered the HOA's ORGANIZED CRIME and illegal hiring and firing that created $170K embezzlement, $150K contrived-retaliatory- litigation and $180 special assessment to create divisive discrimination and professional defamation.

Magday and Holguin DIVISIVELY printed defamation in the HOA Newsletter created by their falsified litigation based on Mike Fore's contrived allegations of sexual harassment to retaliate against me....and many other HOA residents.

ANYONE can clearly see in the "video evidence" that the HOA is guilty of sexually harassing me.

Today, my wife and I are still faced with upcoming litigation based on retaliatory fines used to create contrived litigations and late fees to extort $6,039 that was instigated by LAPD owned security company, Leo Sec Security, along with Donald Mink Property Management Company and president Donald Mink.

Further perplexing predicaments were created by the long term noise nuisances created by land excavators, cement cutters, sledgehammers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, sledgehammers, tree choppers, sledgehammers, sledgehammers-sledgehammers-sledgehammers, and cement cutters.

The prerequisite to upholding their $500K security contract requires the HOA Security to ignore Magday's violent behavior while retaliating against the innocent HOA residents without ever holding Virgil Magday accountable.

Since 2014, the LAPD is unwilling to report HOA financial extortion, assault and battery, or embezzlement, as an organized crime. Because, LAPD Moonlighting as HOA Security created a "conflict of interest" and an "obstruction of justice".

Therefore, the District Attorney is unwilling to investigate HOA embezzlement as an Organized Crime.

More unnerving is the fact that HOA continues to hire HOA attorney to count the ballots which violates SB-1265. 

COINCIDENTALLY, the same exact board members remain in control of HOA's $2.75 million annual intake.

Therefore, termless occupancy within HOA's quasi-government CONTINUES to operate without responsibility to any Code of Conduct and without concern or worry of criminal investigation which leads to HISTORIC injustice and endless nepotistic spending that divisively uses violence and professional defamation to maliciously manifest professional discrimination, disability discrimination, historic financial retaliation, contrived litigations, physical intimidation and psychological harassment to remain in control of the BOD's. 

"I CAN'T BREATHE" refers to 

Historic Oppressive Harassment. 

From: R. Beliveau
Re: Leo Sec Security "Game Plan"
Date: Feb. 25, 2016

Please, explain MCE Newsletter that stated Securitas as "having no integrity" and how it came to pass that they were issued a $72K settlement after MCE created a "Breach of Contract"?

Explain in detail how Leo Sec Security has created better or safer living conditions beyond the service that Securitas Security was providing and what exactly is meant by Leo Sec Security as having a "Game Plan"?

What's the motive behind the HOA's divisive defamatory commentary and who does it really support and for what purpose and who's responsible for writing the MCE Newsletter? Shouldn't HOA Residents, also, have a say in the publication of this information and shouldn't it include a resident response area for feedback?

What are the rules of this "game plan" that's been proposed by Leo Sec Security since being hired in 2014?

Does Leo Sec Security provide a safer living environment for ALL residents or only the BOD's and HOA's associates like Christopher Spiegel and the plant managers?

Are the HOA Attorneys that are hired on 24 hour retainer being, historically, hired to defend the BOD's or the Plant Manager's contrived $150K litigations along with other felonious crimes involving DUI, domestic abuse and/or refusing to pay child support?

Whose rights do the HOA Attorney's protect or are they inversely hired to create legal assault against HOA Residents to hide the BOD's culpability with regard to illegal over staffing to include Plant Manager#1 and Plant Manager#2?

Why was GS Brother's landscaping services, at an annual cost of only $110K, discontinued. Only to hire, Plant Manager#1, at $78K that was then allowed to illegally enter into an "unauthorized contract" with Los Gatos tree service, to disseminate NOISE NUISANCES, rather than offer an affordable solution to Pool#2 fencing height?

This illegal hiring cost $428K versus $110K.

Additional expenses included $170K contract with Los Gatos that created grounds for his termination.

Then, Magday and Holguin issued their illegally hired plant manager a $7K severance check without acquiring his signature to create $150K litigation. Total cost of loss, $748K.

"I CAN'T BREATHE" refers to 

Oppressive Harassment. 


(View Video Evidence)

(Sexual Harassment, Defamation, Assault and Battery, and Professional  Discrimination)

Historic improprieties can be realized after reading... 


Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129



Get Involved

"We Can't Breathe"

Get Involved


(Video Evidence of Sexual Harassment, violence and defamation was created to conseal embezzlement. Historic improprieties can be realized after reading.


Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129

"I CAN'T BREATHE" refers to 

HOA's historic oppressive harassment caused by termless occupancy that's designed to create nepotistic fraud. 

To: LAPD police commissioner 

From: Robert Beliveau 

Re: 19-001650 

2014-2019 LAPD Moonlighting is earning over $3 million creating an unsafe community that supports an trustworthy, violent and criminal minded tyrannical board of directors that has been empowered to destroy our community.

Date: 10.04.19

LAPD has been hired as both HOA Security and HOA Office Manager#3 to collude with Virgil Magday to embezzle endless amounts of HOA money through over inflated invoices and retaliatory fines that are focused on manifesting TERMLESS  OCCUPANCY through election fraud that violates SB-1265 after OLLEGALLY rehiring HOA Attorney to reelctthe same crooks that are creating NEPOTISTIC overhiring to create abusive HISTORIC retaliatory attacks to create their FRAUDULENT "Game Plan" at our HOA resident's expense.

Please, STOP.... the ORGANIZED  CRIMINALS within HOA community named Miraleste Canyon Estates and located in San Pedro at 300 S. Miraleste Dr. 90732 before their conspired embezzlement creates our HOA'S BANKRUPTCY as a result of LAPD MOONLIGHTING which has created a conflict of interest that supports the board of directors private agenvt toxic community that's forced to live in fear.

LAPD is hired to create and support HOA Organized Crime Syndicate since 2014 while earning $500K per year while doing the board of director's bidding without any investigation ever taking place to investigate the motivation behind the board of director's violent behavior against the HOA residents that's been allowed to create historic domestic & financial terrorism within HOA as a result of Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin's collusion to redrafted the CCnR's to allow TERMLESS OCCUPANCY within a violent tyrannical hypocrisy that's created $77,500 in unpaid fines against the HOA residents. Additionally perplexing is the fact that the board of directors failed to attain three bids before manufacturing board of directors criminal spending.

The board  of directors created a $204K Special Assessment without attaining three bids only to ALLEGEDLY exceed the cost of the $204K Special Assessment by $184K. Yet, only half the $204K Special Assessment money has been collected.

Stop these HOA criminals that are stealing our money and creating our HOA's BANKRUPTCY caused by LAPD Moonlighting. LAPD lack of willingness to investigate these crimes has created both an ABUSE OF POWER along with an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE that's violating both our CIVIL RIGHTS and our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Therefore, time is running out before we lose our townhomes as a direct result of LAPD's CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES.


From: Robert Beliveau 

Re: MCE $6,039 retaliatory fines and roof leaking.

Date: Jan. 29, 2019

Please offer me the date in which bldg. 384 roof was repaired or "replaced" because our roof along with Bldg. 352 are both leaking which caused maintenance to repair the interior wall damage created by the faulty roof leaking.

Next, please offer me an itemized explanation of this current and historic round of divisively contrived and retaliatory fines that occuroccured after I've asked for a copy of DG Paving invoices along with a copy of three bids which are not acquired by the HOA Quorum or MCE BOD's before over-charging the community which caused the recent unnecessary 10% increase in HOA Monthly Dues. DG Paving was paid $350K or $6 per foot for unnecessary excavation of undamaged parking lots which should've only cost $1.20 per foot which is the market value of an asphalt hot coat. 

Also, please, explain what $700 fines implies compared to the $5,646.97 in fines that've, again, been created out of malice to retaliate against me to silence my complaints against the BOD's regarding their negligent spending that fails to attain three bids. 

2007 illegal hiring of Mike Fore and Los Gatos tree service spent $677K.

August 2016, HOA president found time to sexually assault me, as well as, defame me in my community which led to me losing my career as a public school teacher. Because, the BOD's and their illegally hired plant manager along with HOA Attorneys ALL conspired to create $78K + $170K + $77K + $150K embezzlement and NEPOTISTIC NOISE NUISANCES. 

I've been retaliated against after discovering the Historical BOD's illegal hiring and negligent spending that's caused by illegal hiring and firing.

Virgil Magday's failure to have Mike Fore sign the waiver after he issued his associate an undeserved and divisive $7K severance check which was used to attain an attorney and create $150K Special Assessment to defame me.

Plant Manager#1 was fired with "just cause" because he entered into an unauthorized $170K contract with Los Gatos. Furthermore, Marina Gate company offered a $13K quote to install new fencing along with 2 new gates in comparison to Los Gatos that was paid $170K only to install a 10" extension on  top of the fencing which proved Plant Manager#1 violated his contract and the HOA's historic negligence has been exposed, again and again.


(View Video Evidence)

(Sexual Harassment, Defamation, Assault and Battery, and Professional  Discrimination)

Historic improprieties can be realized after reading... 


Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129

To: LAPD Sgt. 

From: HOA Resident 

Re: HOA Organized Crime, LAPD Security, $500K Conflicts of Interest, Assault and Battery, public safety, nepotism, SB-1265, DR#160516147, contrived litigations, fines and late fees.

Date: January 25, 2019

Please realize that you're not welcome to call me at 6AM and that your behaviors are realized as negligent harassment.

Also, realize the messages that I left for you on your answering machine are involving the negligence of your LAPD OFFICER OWNED SECURITY COMPANY that caused the fatal outcome during the "Bug Stop" Fumigation project that also involved LAPD/HOA Security passing out flyers to remove various sections of HOA residents from their townhomes prior to attaining three bids or securing a licensed extermination company which led to HOA RESIDENT'S DEATH and cost HOA $500K.

During the fumigation process my bushes were viciously chopped down, 5 feet shorter, and I was issues $6,000 in retaliatory fines by the LAPD/HOA Security which creates a blatant Conflict of Interest...that's created an Obstruction of Justice along with a safe-haven for HISTORIC Organized Crime Syndicate.

Meanwhile, LAPD/HOA Security was paid $500K contract to ignore matters of health and safety to create HOA Candyland.

HOA resident was verbally assaulted after reporting the TOXIC gas coming from the tent to LAPD/HOA Security. 

Then, the Female HOA resident was verbally assaulted in a very hostile manner, just inches from her face.  HOA president SHOUTED in her FACE like a rabid dog after she complained to LAPD/HOA Security about the toxic gas which led to the WRONGFUL DEATH of her roommate during the fumigation project.

Meanwhile, LAPD/HOA Security ignored TOXIC GAS that threatened public safety leading to HOA DEATH.

DR#160516147 relating to assault and battery was also not investigated by LAPD/HOA Security or the LAPD because of a clear and obvious "obstruction of justice" created by the $500K LAPD/HOA Security contract.

Kenneth Christensen and Judith LeDean were also both assaulted and battered by HOA President resulting in a restraining order being issued against the HOA President that's hired LAPD/HOA Security and two separate law firms to do his bidding.

Further matters to be investigated involve the two other HOA Security agencies that were both terminated just before hiring LAPD owned security company.

Another matter to be investigated involves Securitas Security company that was paid a $72K settlement regarding a Breach of Contract to extract money from HOA within another contrived litigation.

Please realize that LAPD investigation needs to address the monetary motivation of the Board of Directors...that's desperately seeking to attain endless control of $2.75 million annual intake. BECAUSE, this HOA money is the historic  MOTIVATION to create Historic Organized Crime. 

Historic improprieties can be realized after reading... 


Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129

(Please watch video evidence along with the photo gallery to realize HISTORIC sexual abuse and assault and battery has INTENTIONALLY create professional defamation, financial assaults and embezzlement because of TERMLESS OCCUPANCY and Election Fraud).



HOA Attorney's violated Senate Bill 1265 

(SB -1265). Because, they are involved with the election process and counting the votes along with altering the voting procedures and rules to accommodate Virgil Magday's girlfriends, boyfriends, and family members by electing them onto the board of directors.

Stephen's Plumbing is owned by Virgil Magday's son in law.

Leo Sec Security is owned by LAPD harbor division police officer which creates an "obstruction of justice" along with a "conflict of interest".


"HOA SYNDROME" is caused by oppressive Home Owner's Associations and the "termless occupancy" upon the Board of Directors that's systematically oppressing the HOA Communities to suit the "Nepotistic Landlords" and crooked book keepers at the expense of our American Dream.

HOA Defamation led to the end of my professional teaching career and UNEMPLOYMENT after being HISTORICALLY victimized by the HOA's maliciously divisive professional defamation, HOA discrimination, HOA's retaliatory fines, HOA Assaults and HOA contrived litigations. 

Currently, the $3.6 million deficit within the HOA's reserve account hasn't been investigated as Organized Crime.

Unless, the LAPD is willing to create an investigation of these historic CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. Magday's numerous assaults and battery's are motivated by greed to hide the origin of the $3.6 million deficit within HOA reserve account. 

There's also a photo on the website of Kenneth Christiansen, one of three victims, of Virgil Magday's assaulting behavior that was actually issued a $900 fine after Magday knocked his teeth out with a spinning windmill punch.

The other victim of Magday's violence was an elderly female board member, Judith LeDean, that asked to see the accounting books, which led to two separate restraining orders being placed upon Virgil Magday. She moved out of state to avoid being further harassment by HOA President.

Meanwhile, the board of directors refused to acknowledge the medical and dental bills created by Virgil Magday's assault and battery that were in excess of $2,000. 

Prior to Magday's assaulting behavior, he verbally taunted and challenged the elderly male victim to a fight. Then, Magday chased the victim from the tailgate of his NEWLY ACQUIRED MONSTER TRUCK after the resident stated that he was going to report his violent behavior. Magday was again accompanied by HOA Plant Manager#2.

1st video displays Magday's song: "Aye, Aye, Aye Chumpa Me Verga..." that translates into sexual harassment which he sang outside HOA resident's townhome while accompanied by his girlfriend/ board member and Plant manager#2. 

Meanwhile, HOA board members, Plant Manager's #1 and #2, HOA staff, HOA Attorney's, HOA Security, and offsite property management company can ALL be relied upon to create contrived testimony, retaliatory violations and special assessments to extort money from HOA Residents. 

Meanwhile, Magday is plotting his scam of conspiring to DESTROY PEOPLE'S REPUTATIONS.

HOA conspires to blame innocent HOA victims of their conspired organized crimes that involves printing libelous and divisive professional defamation in the HOA Newsletter. Meanwhile, Magday and Holguin are involved with illegally hiring and firing plant manager#1. Magday failed to have his illegally hired friend sign a waiver after he was fired for entering into an illegal contract with Los Gatos tree service for $170K. 

This set the stage for yet another contrived litigation to extort money from the HOA in one way or another.

Mike Holguin, long time Board Member, and right hand man to Virgil Magday, was involved with creating a $500K litigation to extort money from HOA insurance company for a land-slippage involving HOA landscaping that didn't involve his townhome.

Therefore, Mike Holguin, along with 6 other plaintiffs, created insurance fraud through a falsified insurance claim, because, they  didn't have any legal jurisdiction to create a lawsuit based on damage involving HOA landscaping within the common area.

Meanwhile, HOA Residents' are still being harassed by Virgil Magday's historic financial scams and deviant assaults. Magday, Holguin and Mike Fore were ALL BLATANTLY DISCOVERED CONSPIRING to create a fraudulent $170K contract with Los Gatos tree service which led to one of the main reasons for  terminating Plant Manager#1. 

Amazingly, however, after Plant Manager#1's $78K contract was justly-terminated, Holguin and Magday issued Mike Fore an undeserved $7K severance check without merit beyond setting the stage to extort an additional $150K of HOA money after they were caught embezzling $170K . 

Magday and Holguin then "rubber stamped" his falsified claims of "wrongful termination" after  issuing him a $7K severance check without requiring him to sign a waiver releasing HOA from further retaliation or legal responsibility. 

FOUR HOA Attorneys from TWO separate law firms ALL conspired with HOA quorum and HOA BOD's to create a $150K contrived litigation relating to falsified claims of "wrongful termination" based on "Discrimination" relating to Plant Manager#1's "sexual orientation". 

Apparently, Plant Manager#1 is an "openly gay employee" which falls into a protected class within the DFEH-Department of Fair Employment and Housing which allowed him to take legal refuge within the legal system after he lost his job for entering into a $170K without board or community approval which violated the terms of his contract. 

516 HOA Residents were forced to pay-off Plant Manager#1 BASED on BOD's Calculated Negligence to extort money from HOA while blaming honest board member that discovered them conspiring to embezzle $170K. . 

Every HOA Resident and household, approximately 1,000 to 1,500 residents, received an invoice for $180 Special Assessment, along with, an MCE HOA Newsletter defaming the only honest HOA Board Member that discovered the HOA's illegal hiring and negligent firing that cost MCE HOA  anywhere between $400K and $750K.

$180 Special Assessment was created  maliciously naming the innocent board member, long-time resident and elementary public school teacher of being responsible for HOA $180 Special Assessment and contrived $150K litigation that created $320K embezzlement SCAM to conceal legalized extortion. 

Magday relies on his friends to administer personal attacks against the residents that have also involved HOA Attorney, offsite property management company, to include hired staff and other members of the community to administer financial attack, retaliatory fines, contrived litigation, professional defamation, deviant sexual language, and physical assault that also includes EXCESSIVE NOISE NUISANCES. 

One of the most concerning issues involved, Matt Baker. This HOA resident wasn't issued any fines after discharging his handgun and blasting out his "sliding glass door" which nearly killed the newly appointed Election Inspector, Steve Azhang.

Meanwhile, Matt Baker, the exact same ARMED suspect visited my house with his handgun to intimidate me. 

Yet, this friend of Virgil Magday wasn't issued any fines or warnings and the LAPD owned security never responded after the sliding glass door was blasted or exploded out with the silver handgun at approximately 2AM. 

However, this suspect lives right next door to HOA Board Member, who's frequently walking around the community with her walkie talkie. This same HOA Board Member is also right by Virgil Magday's side when he's in court suing the residents regarding retaliatory fines and late fees created and/or initiated by LAPD owned security company and off-site 

property management company. 

Off-site property management company is also available to help Virgil Magday in court and to help file retaliatory lawsuits against the residents. HOA Attorney is also historically available to count the ballots to help re-elect Virgil Magday, Mike Holguin, Connie Schneider, Marilyn Campbell and Ron Segovia. HOA Attorneys were also hired to write or draft "Statements of Intent" for Virgil's friends that were running for a position on the board of directors. Office staff have also been hired or allowed to call offsite residents to promote the same board of directors back onto BOD's. 

Matt Baker's brother who's a non-resident was also allowed to attend the HOA Meeting to harass and defame or confront the residents to intimidate anyone that asks questions relating to HOA negligence to prevent BOD's from answering questions regarding excessive spending or election fraud. 

Leo Sec Security, the LAPD owned security company or the HOA Security conspired with George's Towing to tow residents' cars on Christmas Day without calling the resident to notify the resident that their 24 hour guest pass expired which led to over $500 expense. 

The HOA quasi-government bylaws allows them this right but it sure doesn't seem very nice or morally acceptable.


From: Robert Beliveau   

Re: Wayne Louvier, Adam's and Kesseler Law Firm, and Kaiser, Swindells and Eiler..."Cease and Desist" Letter.  

Date: Feb. 24, 2019  

Please, explain how it came to pass that while Wayne Louvier was working for Adam's and Kesseler Law Firm that they mailed me several "Cease and Desist" letters regarding making defamatory statements against the MCE HOA BOD"s...only to later have them send me an email telling me that he, nor his law firm, are representing MCE HOA BOD's.


Therefore, it seems easy to deduce that the MCE HOA BOD's is creating criminal extortion and embezzlement against the MCE Residents.

"I CAN'T BREATHE" refers to Oppressive HOA Harassment. Therefore, the website was created to create accountability, as well as, to inspire HOA BOD's resignation along with a printed retraction statement to set the record straight regarding where all the money has gone and who's historically responsible for recreating historic embezzlement.


(View Video Evidence)

(Sexual Harassment, Defamation, Assault and Battery, and Professional  Discrimination)

Historic improprieties can be realized after reading. 


Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129

To: S. Presby

(Head Deputy of the Justice System Integrity Division) 

From: R. Beliveau 

Re: HOA's illegally spending HOA money in a self serving and nepotistically divisive and negligent manner while conspiring with LAPD officer that owns Leo Sec Security. 

Date: 09.12.19

Since 2014, LAPD is earning $500/year Moonlighting as HOA Security doing the BOD's bidding while also conspiring to create financial and physical harassment against the HOA residents.

Please, read the information provided regarding historic violence and defamation against the HOA residents to sustain ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE within HOA staged HOAX to perpetrate their self reward at the expense of our financial solvency.

Please, investigate the HOA harassment that's been historically mistreating the HOA Residents in a tyrannical manner that's DIVISIVELY and INTENTIONALLY assaulting the HOA residents to maintain control of our annual intake of $2.75 million which they've already over spent while over hiring family to be divided amongst Virgil Magday's family members and friends to include LAPD officer, Nick Ferrara, and his son in law's family owned plumbing business, Stephen's Plumbing.


Case#1263346 Case#1475129 


To: Commission of Judicial Performance 

From: R. Beliveau 

Re: HOA violence and judicial immorality 

C#: 17LBSCOO814 

Date: 09.12.19

Please, help us stop HOA harassment within our shared community.

My wife and I are being endlessly assaulted by the corrupt board of directors within Miraleste Canyon Estates along with the LAPD owned Security company, Leo Sec Security, officer's name is Nick Ferrara.

My wife and I were in small claims division of the Long Beach Court regarding retaliatory fines created by the HOA. These fines were created out of malice by the organized criminals within Miraleste Canyon Estates to include Kaiser and Swindells Lawfirm, Raymond Kaiser and Pamela Swindells from Kaiser and  Swindells Lawfirm along with Wayne Louvier who has worked for both lawfirms to include Adam's, Kessler and Sterling Lawfirm.

Please, read the information provided within these three websites listed below to realize the HOA HOAX and their historic nepotistic hustle is being created by Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin's deliberate mismanagment creating nepotistic overhiring, overtime, and misappropriation of our $3.6 million HOA Reserve Account.

Meanwhile, as a former board member and LAUSD career educator, I'm disabled by the HOA's assault and battery, as well as, their defamation and financial attacks within the LBSC George Deukmejian Long Beach, CA 90802. LAPD failed to charge the violent perpetrators that motivated by grred to extort HOA money through fraudulence and force...LAPD Police report number: DR#160516147 

Miraleste Canyon Estates-HOA

300 S. Miraleste Dr. 

San Pedro, CA 90732


These websites were created to reveal the culpability of the negligent board of directors that involves LAPD Security company that's created a conflict of interest that jeopardizes our health along with our safety and the solvency within our HOA community. 

Historically, the BOD's has conspired to create unnecessary Special Assessments,  insurance fraud, nepotistic overstaffing and nepotistic embezzlement through over inflated invoices created by Virgil Magday's and Mike Holguin's conspired "Game Plan". These two individuals have conspired to steal HOA money for over two decades.

HOA Newsletter for Review-September 2019

President's Message - or just publish the real testimonials

President's Message - or just publish the real testimonials

President's Message - or just publish the real testimonials


"It's easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled." - Mark Twain

Events and more special assessments

President's Message - or just publish the real testimonials

President's Message - or just publish the real testimonials


Gate repairs, why do the cost of gate repairs have to burden the residents? HOA has surveillance cameras at both the front and the back gate. Our association doesn't even have $5,500 in reserve fund?  hmm. HOA is over burdened by $385K created by inflated invoices and unauthorized over-priced special assessments.

Leaks everywhere

President's Message - or just publish the real testimonials

Did you receive a Hearing Notice?


We have more leaks than wikileaks.

Did you receive a Hearing Notice?

Do we really have to do all these projects?

Did you receive a Hearing Notice?


Have you ever been to a communist country? You don't need to go far. Welcome to the jungle, as per MCE President's newsletter propaganda cartoons and images.  

And get fined after attending the hearing.

Do we really have to do all these projects?

Do we really have to do all these projects?


So, what's the point of the hearing? If you got plenty of time on your hands like BOD's and love to waste time. You are more than welcome, and meet the most egregious group of BOD's of all times.

Do we really have to do all these projects?

Do we really have to do all these projects?

Do we really have to do all these projects?


Like, renovate the front entrance (we really need it so bad). Instead, of fixing old roofs, and paint the buildings. Prioritizing unimportant projects, When we don't even have fund in the reserve account.

HOA Newsletter for Review-August 2019

New Board of Director's needed

New Board of Director's needed

New Board of Director's needed


Homeowners are  qualified to run for an open position on the Board of Directors. Please, help us replace the termless Board Members.

Also, remember to safeguard your identity within your communication to the Board of Directors. Otherwise they'll target your career reputation. Don't let them get a hold of your achilles heels.

3 Election Inspectors Needed

New Board of Director's needed

New Board of Director's needed


New Election Inspectors are needed to create more transparency. It's important to understand the legal voting process that should be priocessed in a fair manner that's accompanied by a licensed notary that doesn't create a "conflict of interest".

Please, don't waste your ballot, and THINK before you vote to HELP...stop this financial corruption before we get issued another Special Assessment.

HOA Residents must band together and petition to remove the current 5 board members that have historically occupied the board of directors as result of repetitive election fraud.

Mark your Calendar

New Board of Director's needed

Mark your Calendar


Homeowners should attend monthly HOA Meetings to HELP put a stop to this historic financial hemmoragging and nepotistic embezzlement. 

HOA Meetings are taking place on the last Tuesday of every month at 6PM.


Be Aware

Mark your Calendar


The Rules pertaining to Abusive and Threatening Behavior should, ALSO,  apply to everyone, including board members and staff.


Be Aware

Be Aware


Use a dashcam to record yourself at all times to avoid false accusations from turning into fines.

Be Aware

Be Aware

Be Aware


Who's responsible for creating financial checks and balances? Who is paid to check the numbers and prevent Nepotistic Spending from depleting the HOA Reserve Acccount?

Contact Us

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Mark Twain once said: "It's easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled."