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Therefore, resident is issued a fine after HOA resident asked the board member to post timely visible signage at both the front and back gates, as well as, facilitate copies of invoices and three bids which the BOD's takes offense. Because BODs is worried about being caught for stealing HOA money. Therefore, BOD's creates retaliation that involves refusing to facilitate work orders or follow the CCnR's requirement of the HOA to post visible signage regarding Monthly HOA MEETINGS.

The BOD's is disperate to avoid questions from the community regarding their family business creating a HUGE conflict of interest that's completely responsible for HOA's financial insolvency. 

The HOA board members don't want to be held accountable for their financially motivated assaulting behaviors that are intentionally and divisively created to extort and embezzel. 

Meanwhile, HOA is allowed to continue to perpetrate financial harassment and vandalism through unauthorized nepotistic hiring that's manifesting violence against the community. 

Meanwhile, BOD's hires more and more friends and family to conceal their historically conspired financial crimes...while "wink-winking" at eachother and laughing all the way to the bank.


The HOA's Angry Agenda involves criminally negligent divisive retaliation to conceal nepotism and false allegations that are created by illegal hired "conflicts of interest" that are dedicated to recreate fraudulent spending, perjury, false witness, and "assault and battery" to conseal BOD's historic financial assault created through historic ORGANIZED CRIME and divisive defamation, false allegations and excessive fixed costs that created "back to back" Special Assessments, and nepotistic embezzlement that includes illegal hiring/firing to create contrived litigations to repetively reward corruption with more unrealized and unreported financial corruption.

HOA is also guilty of renting parking spaces back to the residents and hiring the HOA Attorney to count the votes and reelect the same board members that have clearly lost control of their focus relating to their fiduciary responsibilities to HOA Residents. 

Unfortunately, the board members don't respect the HOA Residents and they refuse to trust the validity of the auditor's financial report along with suggestions to maintain a $3.6 million balance within the HOA's Reserve Account. 

Since 2007, these two HOA board members have conspired to create excessive unauthorized hiring rather than honoring contract with professional subcontracted landscaping company.

Now, twelve years later, improvements to irrigation and/or sprinklers has failed to evolve. We are, however, over extended financially as a result of being forced to employ excessive fulltime employment that the HOA can't afford. 

For the past twelve years, Magday and Holguin are overspending money while employing HOA Gardeners, HOA Security, DG Paving, Simich Contractor's, Shades of Green and Stephen's Plumbing or Virgil Magday's family plumbing business. 

These two historically situated board members have failed to guard our financial solvency, seriously, or with any level of success. Because, "conflicts of interest" have compromised their loyalty and clouded their perception of justice.

The Board of Director's doesn't find it necessary to follow the auditor's or the accountants professional recommendation to maintain an adequate balance within the Reserve Account. 

The Auditor's Report recommended the HOA maintain a $3.6 million balance within the RESERVE ACCOUNT to prevent the issuance of Special Assessments rather than ILLEGALLY HIRE their friends and family to recreate self-serving financial havoc for over a decade. 

Over the past 20 years, the HOA has been violently taken over by two board members' combined financial negligence causing the recent issuance of unnecessary and/or avoidable "Back to Back" Special Assessments and 20% increase in monthly HOA Dues caused by board of director's (BOD's) dedication to overhiring their friends as plant manager's to increase HOA's landscaping costs from $110K to $350K. 

Since 2007 or after 12 years of illegal over-staffing and spending $4 million to employ HOA Gardeners and HOA Plant Managers (2), the HOA's $3.6 million Reserve Account is currently depleted to a negative balance of $4,990.41 which is creating "back to back" Special Assessments as a requirement to fund their criminal minded charade without ever affording to repaint the buildings or resurface the roofs.

HOA residents are forced to employ Virgil Magday's family business, Stephen's Plumbing in conjunction with Simich Contractors, Shades of green, Catalina Cement Co., VnC Trucking, Renn & Son's Trucking Co., El Dorado Tree Service, Bug Stop, Leo Sec Security, Don Mink Property Management,  HOA Attorneys and DG Paving without the historically positioned board of directors ever bothering to attain three bids which violates the CCnR's and led to insolvency and a constant threat of Special Assessments and leaky ROOFS or assault from illegally hired chainsaws and HOA Attorneys that are desperately conspiring to avoid the truth relating to their conspired "GAME PLAN" to manifest and impose self-serving financial improprieties. 

Meanwhile, the invoices along with the total cost of the most recent cement foundation project related to $204K Special Assessment to remove and pour two foundations is still unknown which seems extremely odd. Because, no responsible person in a position of financial coherence or authority invites contracts to begin without first acquiring an estimate along with attaining three bids. Otherwise, HOA's financial solvency is compromised over time to the point we're now in the RED and our financial state is upside down. Further realize, the board of director's guestimated the value of the Special Assessment at $204K to meet his personal financial goals. 

Residents are still waiting to receive requested invoices from this recent $204K Special Assessment along with the cost to recieve copies of the invoices for repairs to both the front and back gates. 

HOA Residents are also waiting to recieve equitable ownership that includes two parking spaces along with receive the inventory count of the HOA Buildings that have not been repainted or roofs that have or have not been resurfaced.

Since 2014, BOD's conspires with LAPD owned security to issue HOA Residents falsified violations and fines to create false allegations and deliberate revenge along with more petty cash beyond the $3 million attained from annual intake created from HOA Resident's monthly dues?

This contract between LAPD owned security company and HOA creates an obvious "conflict of interest" that compromises resident's safety along with our investment while being forced to live within an abusive self-serving quasi-government that's permitted or allowed to push everyone around without any courtesy or willingness to share invoices or attain three bids which has led to $3.6 million deficit within HOA Reserve Account without the board of directors caring to realize their illegal hiring and fiduciary negligence is the cause of our financial circumstance that's dictated by a verbally abusive and violent self-serving nepotistic agenda that's dedicated to hide the truth regarding BOD's criminality by reversing the guilt upon the residents or victims of the BOD's hostile Game Plan that threatens both our physical and financial well-being without HOA Security filing charges against the board of directors for his historic abusive assault and battery. 

November 4th, 2015 Virgil Magday assaulted and battered HOA Resident while he was accompanied by plant manager#2 when Magday threatened  stalked and assaulted HOA Resident at 2PM without being charged for his violent premeditated intentions. (See photo of victim in the photo gallery at

Most recently, HOA hired Leo Sec Security employee to work in the HOA office which creates another peculiar circumstance that's not being investigated by the LAPD regarding HOA's organized crime or nepotistic embezzlement and excessive over-hiring of divisive"conflicts of interest" that employs their friends and family at the expense or the overall cost of our financial solvency. 

Unfortunately, negligent unauthorized overhiring continues to overspend HOA money, since 2007, creating $3.6 million deficit in the HOA Reserve Account. 

Therefore, unforeseen damage to the backgate remains an open ended topic that's not been offered the invoices to repair the back gate or the front gate. Because, the board of directors has spent all the money employing, Stephen's Plumbing, Magday's son in law's plumbing company. Meanwhile, still awaiting to receive copies of invoices related to repairing front and back gates and the replacement of the fountain. 

HOA also earns additional petty cash from falsified fines and an additional $40K from parking rental fees gained from 72 HOA residents that have been historically discriminated against and denied equal access to common areas and/or two equitable parking spaces.

I CAN'T BREATHE" refers to FLAWED JUSTICE and historic OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE along with $500K Bug Stop fumigation project. 

The HOA's historic oppression is caused by the Board of Directors' failure or refusal to attain three bids, or community approval, before continuously rehiring HOA Board of Directors, Virgil Magday's son in law's plumbing company: Stephen's Plumbing ($785K/300 invoices) along with Simich Contractors ($995K), Los Gatos tree service ($170K), El Dorado tree service, Shades of Green tree service, Raul's Crew and DG Paving ($500K at $6/ft) causing 10% increase in HOA Dues along with another unnecessary, or negligently, and nepotistically fabricated, $204K Special Assessment. Realize BOD's failed to use Raul's Crew or fulltime HOA maintenance crew. Instead, HOA ILLOGICALLY hired Healthy Water Co. to repair the interior of the buildings related to $204K Special Assessment that failed to attain three bids or hold a community vote before devising their plan to manifest contrived pay outs to create BOD's historic personal gain.


First, HOA harasses HOA Residents, endlessly, with over priced, long durations, of UNLIMITED nepotistic NOISE NUISANCES: chainsaws, leaf blowers, sledgehammers, cement cutters, ground compactors, stump grinders, metal grinders, asphalt excavators, water pumps, and tree choppers.

Contact the Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, at the state level to file and document a complaint against your HOA within a USPS certified mailing. 

Office of AG Public Inquiry Unit

PO Box 944255

Sac., CA



Ph: 916.210.6276

Victims Compensation & Gov't Claims Board

PO Box 3036

Sac., CA




HOA board of director relies on their capacity to print antidotes and lies within the MCE Newsletter to defame and discredit others to fabricate imaginary alibis and unsuspecting scapegoats within the HOA's Newsletter to print and fabricate their own make-believe fairytales that offers unhappy endings for HOA Residents that question the HOA's Organized Criminal injustice and their needless nepotistic spending and nonstop noise nuisances and historic embezzlement that's created a $3.6 million deficit along with creating recent $204K Special Assessment and a negative balance of $4,990.41. 

HOA harassment or HOA's "Angry Agenda" curiously and divisively increased, directly after, HOA BOD's was caught illegal hiring and firing of HOA plant manager#1 to deliberately create $170K embezzlement with Los Gatos tree service and plant manager#1, along with, creating $350K of illegal hiring, $150K fraudulent litigation, 100 mature shade tree excavations at a cost of $15K/tree . Or, $6/foot for unnecessary parking lot excavation of undamaged parking lots without attaining three bids. The HOA creates verbal assault, physical intimidation, contrived litigations, insurance fraud and assault and battery to both orchestrate and conseal HOA's organized criminal injustice. 

As a 20 year HOA Resident, former HOA Board Member and career LAUSD Elementary School Teacher, I need an attorney to defend my right to live within HOA at Long Beach court on April 25th, 2019 for $5,700 in contrived fines that created retaliatory litigation created by Virgil Magday's and Mike Holguin's HISTORICALLY CONTINUOUS and PERPETUAL nepotistic agenda to harass the HOA residents with financial assaults that are taxing emotionally, financially, professionally and physically. HOA Board of Directors is offered help from HOA Attorney and HOA Property Managers to impose falsified violations at the HOA's free-will while also creating inflated invoices, nepotistic overstaffing, assault and battery, noise nuisances, sexual harassment, defamation, embezzlement, vandalism and retaliation created through over-priced tree excavation, contrived litigations, retaliatory fines, late fees, court costs, time away from work, physical and emotional disability and unwarranted violations after being assaulted, defamed and injured. 

HOA Residents are historically targetted by the board of director's historic violence to extort money from the HOA residents without ever holding the board members' or plant managers' accountable to their Employment Agreement or the CCnR's. Because, neither of them feels obligated to attain three bids before hiring their family and friends to recreate historic embezzlement through unnecessary overstaffing and unauthorized excessive nepotistic spending. 

Next, the BOD's circles your townhome with his illegally hired nepotistic chainsaws, leaf blowers, grinders, ground compactor, sledgehammers and cement cutters only to write you a vengeful violation after you complain about the nonstop over-priced, unskillled retaliatory noise nuisances and lack of shade, water and "PEACE and TRANQUILITY" which in-turn happens to be the Board of Director's "Game Plan". Or, worse, the BOD's "Game Plan" will chop down your bushes and your trees at $15K expense. 

Next, the BOD's issues the HOA Resident a fine for complaining about the noise or enquiring about the cost. 

HOA Residents are also fined for asking the HOA to please turn on the sprinklers for the past 12 years. 

However, long-time board member, Mike Holguin's, garden offers top quality automated sprinklers, that are pristine, and always set to a specific watering schedule. Holguin is also afforded with quiet hand-pruning by HOA gardeners. Yet, the HOA Gardeners attack our landscaping just before summer to assault the HOA Residents within HOA's "GAME PLAN" that creates an "abuse of power" without any obligation to the law or any Code of Conduct only to antagonize and retaliate against residents in a multitude of ways from issuing UNWARRANTED violations for "allegedly" speeding or leaving a cup outside your doorstep on your balcony which is the HOA Security's "Game Plan" to generate petty cash by punishing and victimizing HOA Residents to provoke residents within their antagonistically tyrannical and hypocritically inconsiderate and deceitful manner that includes perjury or providing false witness while fabricating HOA violations and false testimony to conseal BOD's violent behaviors while remaining unaccountable and anonymous which is an extension of the HOA's "Game Plan" that relies heavily on the HOA Security to validate HOA HOAX created by their conspired false accusations, falsified violations and false testimony while being allowed to violate HOA Residents' civil rights and our right to live peacefully inside our townhomes without being attacked by some version of the HOA's "Game Plan" 365 days a year.  

Therefore, amidst suffering from HOA "Game Plan", HOA Residents are left to do the watering, along with the other undone work, relating to broken sprinklers and a lack of shade caused by intentional negligence to create discrimination which is another extension or form of HOA "Game Plan" that creates "assault and battery" along with vandalism, financial assault, defamation, fraud, embezzlement and discrimination. 

Next, the maintenance crew chops down your bushes at the beginning of summer to expose your townhome to the heat of summer, evenafter, HOA Residents asked the HOA to preserve the shade of east facing residents that are exposed to excessive amounts of heat, especially, after HOA hired El Dorado tree service and Shades of Green to chop down 100 mature shade trees at an average cost of $15K each. During the HOA's proposed "Beautification Project" over 100 mature shade trees were excavated by HOA which cost $1.5 million.

Meanwhile, HOA Residents are harassed by the HOA after requesting copies of invoices and three bids from Virgil Magday's son in law's plumbing company. Because, the HOA, board of director,  Virgil Magday and his nepotistic friends take offense towards anyone that questions their criminal spending and nepotistic over-hiring that's motivated to create HOA's violence with intentions to retaliate against the HOA residents that attempt to hold the HOA financially accountable to the $3.6 million deficit caused by election fraud that validates illegal spending and illegal hiring and improper firing of plant manager#1. Because, HOA legal counsel is paid to participate in supporting HOA's nepotistic embezzlement and illegal overhiring by conspiring to create fraudulent litigations based on discrimination that's caused by HOA Attorneys involvement with counting the votes and defending the HOA's criminal behaviors.

Therefore, I set forth allegations on these three websites to include BOD's sexual harassment created in his serenade outside my doorstep: Aye, aye, aye, aye..Chumpa Me Verga...and the HOA Henchmen's assault and battery... 

Case# 1263346 

Case# 1475129

Listen to the telling videos at to hear Virgil Magday, the longterm HOA board of directors, sing: "Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye.....Chumpa me Verga" which translates into SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

2009 and 2016, the HOA is guilty of historically perpetrating criminally motivated DIVISIVE DEFAMATORY SEXUAL HARASSMENT that was created by the HOA BOD's and the HOA Attorney's criminally motivated negligence and their illegally hired Plant Manager#1's desire to conseal HOA's $170K Los Gatos embezzlement by creating NEPOTISTIC REVENGE within HOA's deliberate and historic intent to harm as their HISTORIC means to conseal their guilt by harassing the victims to silence their complaint within their oppressive quasi-government that operates above the law and without repercussion or conviction for their HISTORIC crimes.

In 2009, plant manager#1, Holguin, Magday and HOA Attorneys validated their $150K falsified litigation that was based on false allegations created by the HOA's illegally hired plant manager#1 that was caught creating $170K EMBEZZLEMENT without attaining three bids creating just cause for his immediate termination.

Then, August 25, 2016, Virgil Magday sings his song: "Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Chumpa Me Verga" alongside Connie Schneider and plant manager#2 that's, also, supported by Donald Mink Property Management and Kaiser and Swindells' Lawfirm.  

In 2019, Magday and Donald Mink Property Management continue to rely on HOA's historic capacity to fabricate contrived litigations against HOA Residents to extort money from HOA Residents that ask to see three bids along with the 300 invoices issued to Virgil Magday's son in law's plumbing company, Stephen's Plumbing, during the 27 month, $1.78 million, subsurface Drainage project that failed to attain three bids before hiring HOA family and friends to create $3.6 million deficit.  

Magday's 1PM serenade was accompanied by his two closest companions: plant manager#2 and board member, Connie Schneider. Next, on Sept. 25, 2016, listen to their second round of conspired sexual harassment to learn about their "Game Plan" to hire friends and family to harass, and assault and batter, the HOA Residents. HOA creates defamatory revenge while tormenting and insulting the HOA Residents inside their townhomes. Lastly, realize how the HOA issues retaliatory violations and falsified fines along with contrived litigations within their QUASI-GOVERNMENT and within the small claims division of the Long Beach Courthouse.  

Yet, however, when will these historic HOA crimes of violence and financial impropriety be held accountable or when will these long term board members be convicted for conspiring to commit crimes against the HOA Community and HOA Residents?

HOA Residents, please, contact the local office of the FBI within the Los Angeles Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigations to report and document your incident of HOA harassment. Send certified mail along with signed affidavits to provide time signatured legal evidence.

FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigations



11000 Wilshire Blvd.

LA, CA 90024

This website serves the purpose of protecting HOA Resident's rights within our shared community. This website was created to protect and preserve HOA Residents safety along with create an accurate account and resistance to the Board of Director's nepotistic spending that's created $3.6 million deficit in the HOA Reserve Account. HOA overstaffing has created excessive fixed costs ever since Magday and Holguin terminated landscaping contract to hire friends and family to protect or conseal their self-serving FINANCIAL INSOLVENCY created by HOA's historic NEPOTISTIC charade. Therefore, the HOA Board of Directors is desperate to conseal the over-hiring of friends and family. HOA BOD's is desperately trying to hide their twenty years of nepotistic over-hiring and illegal firing from being discovered. 

Meanwhile, HOA residents are being forced to re-elect the same board members, as a direct result of the rehiring of the HOA Attorney to count the votes which creates another "conflict of interest" that violates SB-1265.

b) For the purposes of this section, an independent third party includes, but is not limited to, a volunteer poll worker with the county registrar of voters, a licensee of the California Board of Accountancy, or a notary public. An independent third party may be a member, but may not be a director or a candidate for director or be related to a director or to a candidate for director. An independent third party may NOT be a person, business entity, or subdivision of a business entity who is CURRENTLY employed or under contract to the association for any compensable services unless expressly authorized by rules of the association adopted pursuant to paragraph (5) of subdivision (a) of Section 5105 other than serving as an inspector of elections which creates another conflict of interest.

"I CAN'T BREATHE" refers to FLAWED JUSTICE and historic OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE along with $500K Bug Stop fumigation project. The HOA's historic oppression is caused by the Board of Directors' failure or refusal to attain three bids, or community approval, before continuously rehiring Virgil Magday's son in law's plumbing company: Stephen's Plumbing ($785K/300 invoices) along with Simich Contractors , Los Gatos tree service, and DG Paving ($500K at $6/ft) causing 10% increase in HOA Dues along with another unnecessary, or negligently, and nepotistically fabricated, $204K Special Assessment caused by "conflicts of interest" and "abuse of power" created by Virgil Magday's and Mike Holguin's "Game Plan" to create HOA's conspired nepotistic illegal hiring and firing to generate inflated invoices, NEPOTISTIC NOISE NUISANCES, RETALIATORY VIOLATIONS, contrived litigations, along with, assault and battery and defamation to hide their cumulative guilt. 


BOD's refuses to admit their guilt regarding their illegal hiring and firing of Plant Manager#1. Holguin and Magday conspired to illegally hire plant manager#1 to illegally contract Los Gatos tree service at $170K without authorization, or community approval, and without attaining three bids. Next, the HOA's deliberate negligence failed to properly terminate their associates' contract after they were ALL caught stealing money. The HOA deliberately failed to initiate proper termination of their associates contract to intentionally fabricate another fraudulently contrived Special Assessment to hide the $170K Los Gatos fiasco. HOA's Special Assessment was created by the HOA's self-serving agenda to fabricate fraudulent $150K litigation to payoff their illegally hired plant manager#1 even after he was caught violating the terms of his Employment Agreement without the HOA Attorney ever providing any arguements to validate HOA's method of extortion caused by HOA HOAX. 

The private agenda of the HOA Quorum or long standing HOA Board Member's and HOA Attorneys along with their illegally contracted friends and family of contractors is designed to over charge the HOA community for their overpriced and contrived contracts to create a divisively excess CRIMINAL payouts in the form of inflated invoices, retaliatory fines along with a fraudulent $150K litigation caused by legal negligence created by HOA Attorneys and HOA Board Members that are conspiring with Plant Manager#1 to create and execute the BOD's, historic, Game Plan, to extort money without regard for HOA Residents financial solvency. 

Magday issued his illegally hired plant manager an undeserved $7K severance without acquiring his signature to fund their illegally hired friend's legal retainer. The plant manager was hired to do Magday's and Holguin's bidding. Magday and Holguin conspired with HOA Plant Manager#1 and two HOA Attorneys, Raymond Kaiser and Pamela Swindells to create "abuse of power" and an "Obstruction of Justice" to conceal their embezzlement. 

BOD's and HOA's Attorneys' intentional negligence created $170K embezzlement and $150K fraud- based llitigation based on defamation. 

HOA is guilty of creating historic organized criminal intent within FRAUDULENTLY contrived litigations to conseal financial impropriety to continue facilitating illegal NEPOTISTIC over-hiring and election fraud to exercise the BOD's free will at the ultimate expense of the HOA Residents for over twenty years. 

HOA's calculated negligence, also, created a $72K settlement for Securitas Security for a "Breach of Contract" to hire LAPD owned security company, Leo Sec Security, to implement their self-serving "Game Plan" that involves historic harassment created by nepotistic over-hiring, NOISE NUISANCES, false allegation, retalitory fines, sexual harassment, election fraud, and assault and battery to perpetuate historic embezzlement.

In 2004, Mike Holguin created $300K insurance claim against Farmer's Insurance along with creating a $2,400 Special Assessment equivalent to $1.5 million. Mike Holguin and three additional plaintiffs received approximately $66K each for "Pain and Suffering" without sustaining property damage to their townhomes. Farmer's insurance dropped HOA after paying an additional $50K the HOA to be released from further legal or financial responsibility to the 4 plaintiffs and the HOA.

However, where did the $1.25 million go that was created by Mike Holguin's $2,400 Special Assessment which exceeded Farmer's Insurance $300K contribution?

More recently, Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin created another $204K Special Assessment without holding a community vote.

HOA, also, hired unlicensed fumigation company, Bug Stop, at $500K which led to the wrongful death of an elderly resident. Magday, also, verbally assaulted the roommate of the deceased and he still continues to harass the victim of his negligence with retaliatory issuance of underserved violations. Magday has a long history of targeting HOA Residents with retaliatory fines and long-term-nepotistic-noise-nuisances. HOA board of directors rules from an authoritarian perspective that rules by fear and intimidation. 

Because, thus far, the laws aren't being enforced against the HOA Board of Director's (BOD's) and/or the laws don't apply to BOD's. 

Meanwhile, the HOA BOD's is allowed to assault and batter the HOA Residents without conviction for their blatant violent crimes and historic conspired injustice just like a smokescreen that's motivated to hide HOA's historically divisive dysfunction that's designed to perpetrate ORGANIZED CRIMES and EMBEZZLEMENT. 

Plant Manager#1 was illegally hired without a quorum. Magday and Holguin allowed Plant Manager#1 to enter into an unauthorized contract with Los Gatos tree service to create 6 months of UNNECCESSARY and RETALITORY NEPOTISTIC NOISE NUISANCES. 

Los Gatos was hired to UNNECESSARILY grind-off Pool#2 fencing and extend Pool#2 fencing by ONLY 10" at an excessive cost of $170K without attaining any comparable bids. Yet, Marina Gate Company would have replaced the entire Pool#2 fencing, top to bottom, with two new gates, for only $12,500, without taking 6 months. 

2007-08, the HOA hired Plant Manager#1 and HOA Gardeners at an annual cost of $350K after terminating $110K Professional Landscaping contract to embezzle money through illegal $170K contracting of Los Gatos that was hired to make noise that has no purpose beyond perpetuating ATTACK UPON HOA resident's "PEACE and TRANQUILITY" as a means to create an "abuse of power", as well as, historic violence and mind-numbing assaults with CHAINSAWS, TREE CHOPPERS, STUMP GRINDERS, ASPHALT EXCAVATION, TREE EXCAVATORS, CEMENT CUTTERS, SLEDGEHAMMERS, GROUND COMPACTORS and LEAF BLOWERS. 

Yet, THUS FAR...HOA Residents have had no voice against HOA's harassing nepotistic destruction. Otherwise, you're punched in face and issued RETALIATORY fines along with defamation created by contrived litigations based on false allegations to perpetuate self-serving reward and desiminate revenge against anyone that questions the LONG STANDING HOA Board Members or holds HOA accountable for their HOAXSTER BEHAVIORS.

Plant Manager#1 and Los Gatos tree service were hired to create NOISE NUISANCES while GRINDING off Pool#2 fence and using a GRINDER, cement cutter, ground compactor and a sledgehammer.

Unfortunately, the BOD's treats HOA Reserve Account like their own personal cash cow that never stops giving milk. 

"BOD's are, historically, stealing our milk money like bullies on the playground." 

Meanwhile, the board members and plant managers are allowed to hide behind the HOA Attorney's legal apron that's afforded endless legal protection without revealing the amounts of HOA money spent to protect unknown personal and criminal legal matters which is at the root of the HOA's hostile violence, discrmination and defamation caused by the HOA's organized crimes that's protected by the HOA Attorneys, HOA/LAPD Security, Donald Mink Property Management and illegally hired friends and family to include: Stephen's Plumbing, the board of director's son in law's Plumbing company. 

HOA has, also, hired El Dorado tree service, Shades of Green, Renn and Son's Trucking, Bug Stop, Simich Contractors, DG Paving, VnC Trucking and Catalina Cement Co.  

Therefore, the $3.6 million deficit within HOA Reserve Account is caused by HOA's HISTORIC GAME PLAN or ulterior-motive to over-hire family and friends to conspire to overspend while agreeing to hide HOA's historic "conflicts of interest" along with the source of the HOA's $3.6 million DEFICIT. 

Unfortunately, the BOD's treats HOA Reserve Account like their own personal cash cow that never stops giving milk. BOD's are, historically, stealing our milk money like bullies on the playground. 

Are you tired of being milked by the board of directors nepotistic embezzlement that hired to harvest profits for the board of director's along with his long laundry list of family and friends...

HOA Board of Directors and HOA Attorneys have historically refused to meet in mediation to discuss the truth regarding their past and present illegal hiring and firing to include over-priced unauthorized nepotistic contracts, conspired litigations and special assessments created by their historic conspired negligence that's designed to hide the HOA's $320K embezzelment created by BOD's illegal hiring and their conspired "calculated negligence" to create embezzlement through NEPOTISTIC NOISE NUISANCES.

The ulterior motive behind the HOA's nepotistic overstaffing and unauthorized hiring is to create conspiracy that validates another fraudulent based litigation to continue creating embezzlement, special assessments, financial attack through falsified and unauthorized  retaliatory violations along with questionable insurance claims and "divisive defamation". 

HOA's illegal hiring of HOA friends and family was implemented to conseal Virgil Magday's and Mike Holguin's calculated negligence to manipulate the truth while publishing lies within the MCE Newsletter to create a scapegoat within HOA's FRAUDULENT and DEFAMATORY FALSE ALLEGATIONS to hide their, HISTORIC, guilt.

HOA BOD's not only validated their illegally hired plant manager's falsified accusations but they funded his legal retainer with undeserved issuance of $7K severance check to create a $150K contrived litigation directly after HOA Plant Manager was caught, illegally, contracting Los Gatos tree service for $170K which, LEGALLY violated the terms of his Employment Agreement and gave just cause and legal right to terminate his contract without legal obligation to this thievery. 

THEREFORE, BOTH HOA BOARD of DIRECTORS and the HOA Attorneys are guilty of conspiring with plant manager#1 to initiate $170K embezzlement along and an obstruction of justice within the HOA's quasi-government that agreed to ripoff the HOA with help from HOA Attorneys, HOA friends, HOA plant managers and family Plumbing Company.

The HOA is guilty of illegal hiring and firing HOA Plant Manager without community approval which tripled our landscaping costs for the past 12 years. HOA is guilty of allowing illegally hired plant manager to hire Los Gatos at $170K which violated his Employment Agreement. 

The HOA BOD's and HOA Attorneys both conspired to issue HOA Plant Manager an undeserved and unwarranted $7K severance check without acquiring his signature on a waiver to create a release of responsibility. 

Therefore, HOA is guilty of illegal hiring and firing, as well as, allowing $170K unauthorized contracting. HOA BOD's and HOA Attorneys are disguising and attempting to hide their guilt within the MCE Newsletter to create malicious defamation and historic harassment through HOA's "CONSPIRED NEGLIGENCE" that serves their personal gain according to their mutually shared "Game Plan".

HOA is guilty of creating historic "Abuse of Power" that's responsible for recreating UNNECESSARY CONTRACTS and FRAUDULENT LITIGATIONS to conseal the truth regarding the HOA's improprieties and their financial obligation to the HOA Residents. 

HOA is also guilty of ruling by fear and intimidation. HOA is guilty of printing calculated DEFAMATION within the HOA Newsletter to conseal the HOA's historic NEGLIGENCE that's created $3.6 million deficit within the HOA Reserve Account. 

HOA is guily of criminal impropriety which is DIVISIVELY recreating fraud through defamatory litigations and RETALIATORY FINES along with HISTORIC nepotistic NOISE NUISANCES that are criminally motivated to hide the HOA's HOAX. 

Multiple individuals are involved with conspiring to create financial impropriety that continues to empower the BOD's harassment that's created by FALSE ALLEGATIONS, CALCULATED NEGLIGENCE, DEFAMATION, ELECTION FRAUD and EXTORTION created by CONTRIVED LITIGATIONS, CALCULATED NEGLIGENCE, INSURANCE FRAUD and NEPOTISTIC FINANCIAL CORRUPTION. 

HOA's also GUILTY of creating HARASSMENT by issuing RETALITORY FINES and DIVISIVE DEFAMATION to conseal HOA's nepotistic hiring and perpetual embezzlement caused by the HOA's historic self-serving negligence and a deliberate failure or refusal to attain three bids which violates CCnR's. 

Yet, thus far, there's been no opportunity to hold the HOA board members accountable for their crimes within their quasi-government. Because, the HOA conspires to conseal their historic NEPOTISTIC GAME PLAN.

HOA's also GUILTY of issuing RETALITORY FINES and DIVISIVE DEFAMATION to conseal HOA's nepotistic hiring and perpetual embezzlement caused by the HOA's historic self-serving negligence and a deliberate failure or refusal to attain three bids which violates the CCnR's. 

Yet, unfortunately, no one has had any opportunity to ever hold the HOA board members accountable for their CONSPIRED crimes. 

Unfortunately, the HOA continues to facilitate outlawed or illegal hiring of HOA Attorney to count the votes which is recreating HOA Board Member's "termless occupancy" which is at the root of the HOA's $3.6 million deficit that's manifesting  FINANCIAL chaos, personal  defamation, abuse of power, retalitory fines, contrived litigations, and assault and battery,  along with, verbal assault and sexual harassment, assault and battery. 

Therefore, HOA Residents remain victims of the HOA's historic fraudulent violence, as well as, verbal assault and battery, to create false allegations and contrived litigations to perpetuate personal reward for the BOD's through illegal and unnecessary NEPOTISTIC overspending and fixed costs that are creating avoidable Special Assessments along with harassment created by historic organized criminal intent to conseal the truth regarding BOD's historic behavior.

Historically, the HOA continues to facilitate or invite HOA Attorney to count the votes which is recreating HOA Board Member's "termless occupancy" which is at the root of the HOA's $3.6 million deficit that's manifesting NEPOTISTIC FINANCIAL chaos, personal defamation, abuse of power, retalitory fines, contrived litigations, NOISE NUISANCES and assault and battery, along with, verbal assault and sexual harassment.

HOA Board of Directors and HOA Attorneys have historically refused to meet in mediation to discuss "conflicts of interest" or outlawed rehiring of HOA Attorney (Raymond Kaiser) to count the votes recreating HOA Board Member's termless occupancy which is at the root of the HOA's $3.6 million deficit that's creating violence against the residents along with retaliatory fines, defamation, contrived litigations, over-priced invoices, 10% increase in HOA Dues and Special Assessments that are expected to funnel HOA MONEY into Virgil Magday's friend's and family's pockets.

HOA mismanagement and nepotistic hiring along with failure to attain three bids has created $3.6 MILLION deficit, costly noise nuisances, assault and battery, defamation and EXTORTION of MILLIONS of dollars from HOA Residents that's created by HOA's private agenda to manifest INFLATED INVOICES and retaliatory violations caused by HOA's revenge and guilty divisiveness to hide historic nepotistic hiring along with LAPD owned, Leo Sec Security, to assist and initiate HOA embezzlement by endorsing HOA's overspending, retaliatory fines and contrived litigations caused by "conflicts of interest" that include: LAPD owned Leo Sec Security, Securitas Security, Donald Mink Property Management, Stephen's Plumbing, and HOA Plant Manager, along with Kaiser and Swindells Lawfirm.  

5 Long term board members: Virgil Magday, Mike Holguin, Connie Schneider,  Marilyn Campbell and Ron Segovia have all been involved with creating or endorsing a self-serving agenda aalong with the HOA's privately guarded "GAME PLAN" to overspend HOA money. 

These 5 board members are responsible for creating the HOA's $3.6 million deficit caused by Mike Holguin and Virgil Magday's contrived litigations, special assessments and over-priced or unnecessary contracts without attaining three bids which is caused by access to endless free legal counsel that's conspiring to recreate "Termless Occupancy" to recreate perpetual embezzlement caused by historic "Conflicts of Interests".

Therefore, HOA resident's suffer from HOA's criminally hostile financial impropriety that has created unnecessary parking lot excavation at $6/foot versus only paying $1.20/foot. 

HOA's unnecessary spending caused the recent 10% increase in HOA monthly dues along with the $204K Special Assessment. Because, HOA termless occupancy on the board of directors created nepotistic debt along with a $3.6 million deficit as a result of the HOA HOAX. Therefore, the BOD's has, historically, failed to meet their financial responsibility. 

Additionally, HOA residents aren't offered equitable (2) parking spaces. Instead, HOA rents 2nd parking spaces back to the residents who actually own the parking spaces and who are deserving of equal access to common area and equivalent parking spaces. 

Meanwhile, Parking Space #904 was gifted to board member, Ron Segovia, after the HOA illegally hired Plant Manager#1 and allowed him to enter into an unauthorized $170K contract with Los Gatos tree service without attaining any comparable bids from Marina Gate Co. 

Therefore, HOA residents are being harassed by the Board of Director's personal or nepotistic "Game Plan" that's shared by Leo Sec Security, HOA Attorneys,  offsite property management company and Stephen's Plumbing.

In 2004, Mike Holguin created $1.5 million insurance fraud that included $2,400 Special Assessment for 516 HOA owners that was caused by Mike Holguin's "Pain and Suffering" litigation against both Farmer's Insurance and MCE HOA Residents'. Yet, this canyon landslippage had nothing to do with his property. Therefore, "abuse of power" is being manifested to create NEPOTISTIC NOISE NUISANCES and historic embezzlement as the HOA's "Game Plan" that's shared by HOA Attorneys, HOA Security,  HOA Property Management company, HOA Staff, HOA Plant Managers, Raul's Crew (8) and HOA contractors. 

Therefore, HOA Attorney is protecting the HOA Plant Managers and the Board of Director's (BOD's) endless nepotistic embezzlement and habit of violently harassing residents and issuing them with retalitory fines to silence residents' complaints made against the HOA BOD's that's dedicated to creating election fraud and termless occupancy to perpetuate historic violence and nepotistic over-spending.

"HOA SYNDROME" is CAUSED by long-term exposure to TERMLESS OCCUPANCY, that is at the ROOT of OPPRESSIVE HOME OWNER'S ASSOCIATION and NEPOTISTIC MISMANAGEMENT which has created recent 10% increase in Monthly Dues and Special Assessments along with $3.6 Million deficit within the HOA reserve account.

(Video Evidence of Sexual Harassment)

Historic improprieties can be realized after reading. 

Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129


If you are a victim of HOA's historic oppression, contact Los Angeles branch of the FBI by phone and Certified Mail. Also, consider sending the FBI notorized affidavits of your claim along with witness testimony and photographic evidence.


PH# 310-477-6565

FBI-Los Angeles

11000 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA


Historic improprieties can be realized after reading. 

Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129

BOD's, collectively, RETALIATES and DEFAMES honest hardworking residents to CONSEAL their HISTORICALLY MALICIOUS "GAME PLAN" with VIOLENCE and INTENTIONAL self-serving negligence to preserve BOD's TERMLESS OCCUPANCY to continue perpetuating NEPOTISTIC ORGANIZED CRIME to EMBEZZLE HOA residents' money through election fraud, insurance fraud, contrived litigations, retaliatory fines and over-priced contracts. HOA creates selective information and selective enforcement within HOA Community to protect and serve the Board of Director's endless nepotistic embezzlement. 

Selective Information and Selective Enforcement, along with, Election Fraud, nepotistic over-staffing and UNLIMITED ACCESS to FREE LEGAL COUNSEL recreates this oppressive circumstance.

SB-1265 was also redacted to allow felons onto the board of directors. Yet, this Senate Bill was suppose to protect the HOA Residents from attack by the HOA's quasi-government.

Therefore, our "Collective Intelligence" must learn how to UNIFY our "Collective Consciousness" to expose Organized Crime as the root of the problem. 

The HOA Board of Director's (BOD's) only consists of 5 board members and the quorum only consists of 3 board members. The HOA annual intake collected from 516 HOA Residents Monthly Dues is approximately $2.75 million per year. explains HOA oppression and HOA Syndrome caused by long term harassment created within HOA BOD's at the direction of the HOA Mob Bosses and HOA Hoaxsters, that are occupying the Board of Director's (BOD's).

HOAX is created by HOA Quorum, HOA Plant Managers, HOA Gardeners (8), HOA Security, HOA Plumbing company, HOA Contractors and HOA Attorneys.

HOA associates are paid to conspire to create over-inflated invoices as a result of TERMLESS OCCUPANCY caused by Election Fraud created by HOA Attorney that is violating SB-1265 to create HOA Candyland.

HOA HOAX is also conspiring to create Contrived Litigations and Insurance Claims that are created to extort money based on HOA's calculated negligence, False Allegations and Falsified Insurance Claims along with over-inflated or fraudulent $2,400 special assessment for a make believe landslide that was paid-out $248K by Farmer's insurance to Mike Holguin. Mike Holguin and three other plaintiffs each received approx. $66K. 513 HOA residents, also, each paid $2,400 equivalent to $1,231,200. Farmer's Insurance, also, paid aadditional $50K to HOA to be released from future litigations and doing future business with HOA. 


Meanwhile, the historically REAPPOINTED Board of directors has created NEPOTISTIC HIRING causing a $3.6 million deficit in the HOA Reserve Account. HOA NEGLIGENCE has HISTORICALLY and UNNECESSARILY rehires family and friends at EXORBITANT COSTS without need ooror necessity or attaining three bids. 

However, according to the HOA office manager, the BOD's continues to enter into NUMEROUS unauthorized contracts without attaining three bids which, HISTORICALLY, violates HOA protocol and has lead to $3.6 MILLION DEFICIT within the HOA Reserve Account.


The HOA's HISTORICALLY reappointed BOD's consists of the same 5 board members that continues to manifest TERMLESS OCCUPANCY with help from HOA/LAPD Security and the HOA Attorneys. HOA's negligent mismanagement is a criminal matter that needs to be investigated and the board of directors needs to be removed, immediately, to prevent further financial losses caused by Mike Holguin's and Virgil Magday's friends and family.

(View Video Evidence)

(Sexual Harassment, Defamation, Assault and Battery, and Professional  Discrimination)

Historic improprieties can be realized after reading... 

Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129

During the HOA Meetings, the BOD's creates overtly divisive and emotionally charged speeches and personal attacks and public defamation against the very few residents that are in attendance. BOD's is motivated to harass through intimidation and defamation created from their orchestrated or staged position of authority to both formally and informally discourage HOA residents from attending the HOA meetings.

BOD's ultimate ulterior motivation is to remain "in control", as well as, "anonymous" and "unaccountable".

Meanwhile, conspiring to creating "Abuse of Power" through verbal harassment to intimidate and oppress 513 residents. 

HOA Residents that question BOD's negligence that's involving NEPOTISTIC overspending causes the resident to be targeted by HOA Security with unwarranted fines. HOA Plant Managers, HOA Staff. HOA Attorneys and HOA Gardeners also conspiring to institute and uphold the HOA's mischievous authority by creating false allegations and NOISE NUISANCES to create further intimidation through FINANCIAL ATTACKS created by EXCESSIVE SPENDING that's also involved with creates DEFAMATORY FALSE ALLEGATIONS and contrived litigations to legalize nepotistic embezzlement, election fraud that violates SB-1265 to reconstitute TERMLESS OCCUPANCY by instigating DIVISIVE RAGE against the community which creates intentional retaliation and discrimination, physical and verbal abuse, along with, personal and professional DEFAMATION to recreate HISTORIC financial attack that's divisively and historically creating "Abuse of Power" to disseminate intentionally  oppressive circumstance within a nepotistic setting to conceal organized crimes by collaborating with HOA friends and family while retaliating and threatening residents to generate financial assault.


HOA BUILDINGS ARE ALSO in need of being PAINTED. HOA Maintenance is staffed by 8 employees that were hired at the same time that Plant Manager#1 was hired without a quorum or community approval. 

HOA institutes militarized Security Squads to create RETALIATION that supports HOA's MALICIOUS POLITICAL PANDOMONIUM that's instrumental to, forcefully, dictating the outcome of the election which is a major contributing factor to the $3.6 MILLION DEFICIT, as well as, the recent 10% increase in MONTHLY HOA DUES. 

HOA Security is involved with passing out flyers to initiate over-priced contracts. 

Meanwhile, HOA Security is indiscriminately leaving messages on residents phones to intimidate rather than help the residents while conspiring to create false testimony or false allegations. 

Unfortunately, the LAPD only comes to HOA Meetings to support the HOA's quasi-government without offering any support for the HOA Residents' concerns regarding Organized Crime, election fraud, embezzlement or assault and battery against the HOA residents created by Virgil Magday's hostile temperament that's violently defensive regarding HOA's denial of obvious "conflicts of interest" created by bring his son in laws plumbing company before attaining three bids which violates tthe CCnR's. 

HOA Security supports the BOD's private agenda to create NEPOTISTIC EMBEZZLEMENT and DEFAMATION to CONSEAL RETALITORY ASSAULT and BATTERY while issuing false testimony to validate false accusations to create retaliatory violations and fines to textort HOA Residents' money as their "Game Plan" to conspire with Board of Director's to steal money.

Unfortunately, the LAPD only comes to HOA Meetings to support the HOA's quasi-government without offering any support for the HOA Residents' concerns regarding Organized Crime, election fraud, embezzlement or assault and battery against the HOA residents created by Virgil Magday's hostile temperament that's very defensive regarding his denial of obvious "conflicts of interest". 

For instance, BOD's shouldn't be allowed to hire the BOD's family plumbing business at $1.78 million. Nor, should the BOD's be allowed to hire or contract the LAPD Officer owned security company, Leo Sec Security, at $500K. 

Because, this creates and obvious "conflict of interest", as well as, an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE that's legalizing Organized Crime.

BOD's has hired Leo Sec Security along with their family and friends to conceal the ulterior motive of creating NEPOTISTIC EMBEZZLEMENT and VIOLENT REVENGE to recreate cash reward from contrived fines and staged litigations that ignores HOA's FINANCIALLY MOTIVATED CRIMINAL BEHAVIORS that relies upon one another to embezzle HOA money through over-spending HOA money with overtime, over inflatted payments, illegally contrived litigations and unwarranted fines and penalties that ignores BOD's assault charges created against honest board members and long-time residents to intimidate through physical violence and intimidation that includes DEFAMATORY SEXUAL HARASSMENT, DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION and PROFESSIONAL/PERSONAL DEFAMATION.


"Why is the HOA Attorney involved with HOA election process?" 


History of HOA embezzlement scams and scammers can be further realized after reading Case#1263346 located at  that are hidden in plain sight within HOA's divisive "Conflicts of Interest" that are creating ABUSE of POWER that violates HOA LAW: Senate Bill-1265 (SB-1265).

This long-standing History of HOA embezzlement scams and scammers can be further realized after reading Case#1263346 located at website: 

The video shows evidence of SEXUAL HARASSMENT, ABUSE OF POWER, HOA TERRORISM, ASSAULT and BATTERY to conceal DISCRIMINATION and PROFESSIONAL DEFAMATION within false accusations based upon HOA GUILT that's REVERSED to perpetrate HOA REVENGE and blame the innocent victims of HOA harassment. 

The photo gallery at features pictures of divisive "conflicts of interest" to create historic unnecessary contracts that involve unnecessary and over-priced parking lot excavation and after hours plumbing repairs without attaining three bids creating NEPOTISTIC EMBEZZLEMENT  which is the direct cause of the $3.6 million dollar deficit within HOA reserve account.

Stephen's Plumbing is owned by the "son in law" of the LONGTIME president of the board of directors, Virgil Magday, which creates a HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Ruth Stephens is Virgil Magday's mother in law,  that was the former HOA office manager, for 30 years, who's also the original co-founder of Stephen's Plumbing.

Currently, the front entrance, at the main gate, has been under construction for over six months. However, only after, destroying a $500K fountain without explanation beyond being threatened by Connie Schneider (Board Member) and HOA Security Squads that are hired to do the board of directors bidding while passing out flyers door to door during fumigation project, parking lot excavation, and tree excavation. 

Yet, HOA Security doesn't bother to contact the resident before towing residents' vehicles on Christmas Morning.

Conflicts of interest are creating historically divisive nepotistic acts of financial improprieties and violence to conceal criminal minded contracts and over-priced contracts with tree excavators and family plumbing business that's hired with ULTERIOR MOTIVES to create EXCESSIVELY LONG DURATIONS of LOUD NOISE NUISANCES: sledgehammers, cement cutters, chainsaws, tree choppers and leaf blowers. 

Meanwhile, LAPD/HOA Security stands guard to protect HOA TERMLESS OCCUPANCY while creating Selective Enforcement and SELECTIVE INFORMATION that provides legal protections for HOA plant manager#1 and plant manager#2. Because, HOA Attorneys are paid to protect HOA Quorum's financial improprieties while instituting illegal litigations against the HOA Community to extort more money each year...until the 516 residents are forced to pay a special assessment or worse be faced with bankruptcy, because, the Board of Directors is creating their own personal Candyland to support their family business. 

Stephen's Plumbing was issued 300 invoices during 27 month subsurface drainage project that cost $1.78 million. Simich Contractors was issued 36 invoices and earned $995K and Stephen's Plumbing earned $785 pounding the dirt with their sledgehammers...which afforded them an entire new fleet oof plumbing trucks. Virgil Magday, also, bought a new truck.

Elk's Club in Redondo Beach and San Pedro are also familiar with the "Grinch-Pinch" during their Christmas Fundraiser for under-privileged children.


HOA BOD's are not obligated to provide anything beyond Selective Information, because, they are prevented from answering any questions regarding who's paying for this repetitive cycle of unnecessary counterproductive spending. Until, all the money is gone or Virgil Magday, Mike Holguin, Connie Schneider, Marilyn Campbell and Ron Segovia decide the serve HOA residents another avoidable financial dilemma created by HOA-X.

HOA Board of Directors are chopping MCE trees down, just like HOA LUMBERJACKS, that are paid to excavate our NEIGHBORHOOD trees with their NEPOTISTIC CHAINSAWS.

This previously manufactured or manifested "Beautification Project" included an OVER-PRICED fountain, along with a rock garden, and the "deafening" decimation of over 100 mature shade trees. El Dorado tree service, Shades of Green, Los Gatos tree service and Raul's Crew have collaborated to chop down more and more trees without community approval or legal jurisdiction while spending $500K every other year without benefit beyond employing BOD's friends to create over-priced chaotic chaos. It's as if they're creating their own cottage industry while conspiring to turn HOA trees into mulch, lumber and furniture creating NOISE NUISANCES and financial assaults. 

Each lost tree cost approximately $5K to $10K per tree that also included the extra cost of grinding off the stumps. The "Beautification Project" created a year and a half of NOISE NUISANCES that DIVISIVELY included an endless ORCHESTRA of CHAINSAWS, TREE CHOPPER, STUMP GRINDERS and LEAF BLOWERS. 

Meanwhile, HOA "LUMBERJACK MENTALITY" created a Special Assessment to fund HOA NEPOTISM after creating their own personalized and HISTORIC HOA Candyland.

NEPOTISTIC OVER HIRING created $3.6 MILLION deficit amidst  DELIBERAETELY manufactured NOISE NUISANCES and financial attacks within contrived litigations and retaliatory fines, based on false allegations, to continue conspiring to create defamation to conceal EMBEZZLEMENT SCAMS. 

Historically, the HOA president of the Board of Directors is allowed to chop down HOA trees without notifying the residents. HOA, also, issues retaliatory fines after he chops down your trees and bushes to silence your complaint. 

HOA president conspires to defame and discriminate against HOA residents from his position of authority. HOA President creates malicious defamation through selective information  false testimony with his illegally hired plant managers. HOA President stages verbal assaults and PUNCHES HOA residents in the face while conspiring with the HOA Security and HOA Plant Managers which is further supported by HOA Attorneys and two separate law firms to empower HOA's legal assault, intimidation, and harassment in the board meetings, parking lotlots, your front doorstep and the school yard where you work.

HOA dissiminates dedeliberate and malicious domestic TERRORISM and historic SEXUAL harassment and legal assaults to defame the innocent HOA residents. 

HOA's ulterior motive behind their conspired Game Plan maliciously conspires to victimize residents upon their doorstep and their place of employment. 

HOA board members use the HOA Newsletter to retaliate, discriminate and defame residents because they hire HOA Attorneys to exonerate them from their guilt of creating financial nepotistic over-spending that empowers HOA's historic retaliatory tyrannical hypocrisy that ignores or conseal the BOD's historic "assault and battery" to hide "conflicts of interest" and divisive illegal hiring to create contrived litigations and retalitory false allegations to continue to rule by "fear" and "intimidation" by chopping your trees and bushes down or issuing retaliatory fines to harass residents that don't agree to HOA concealing the BOD's "conflicts of interest".

HOA relies on HOA Attorneys and illegally hired HOA gardeners (8) to harass residents at their place of work to create retaliatory attacks targeting residents' livelihood and landscaping along with their professional reputation to cover-up HOA ORGANIZED CRIME. Additionally, the sprinklers don't work after a dozen years and spending $350K x 12 years = $4 million.

(View Video Evidence of Virgil Magday's, Raul Lopez and Connie Schneider'Schneider's 1PM Spanish Serenade to create: Sexual Harassment, Defamation, Assault and Battery, and Professional Discrimination)

Historic improprieties can be realized after reading. 


Report: #1475129

To: Commission of Judicial Performance 

From: R. Beliveau 

Re: HOA violence and judicial immorality 

C#: 17LBSCOO814 

Date: 09.12.19

Please, help us stop HOA harassment within our shared community.

My wife and I are being endlessly assaulted by the corrupt board of directors within Miraleste Canyon Estates by the LAPD officer owned Security company, Leo Sec Security, officer's name is Nick Ferrara.

My wife and I were in small claims division of the Long Beach Court regarding retaliatory fines created by the HOA after being physically assaulted, sexually harassed and defamed within a fraudulent lawsuit created by illegally hired HOA Plant Manager. These $5,700 in fines were created out of malice by the organized criminals within Miraleste Canyon Estates to include Kaiser and Swindells Lawfirm, Raymond Kaiser and Pamela Swindells from Kaiser and  Swindells Lawfirm along with Wayne Louvier who has worked for both lawfirms to include: Adam's, Kessler and Sterling Lawfirm.

Please, read the information provided within these three websites listed below to realize the HOA HOAX and their history nepotistic hustle that's being created by Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin's misappropriation of our $3.6 million HOA Reserve Account.

Meanwhile, as a former board member and LAUSD career educator, I'm disabled by the HOA's assault and battery, as well as, their defamation and financial attacks within the HOA quasi-government that's supported by LBSC judges within George Deukmejian Courts of Long Beach, CA 90802.

Miraleste Canyon Estates-HOA

300 S. Miraleste Dr. 

San Pedro, CA 90732


These websites were created to reveal the culpability of the negligent board of directors that involves LAPD Security company that's created a conflict of interest that jeopardizes our health and safety that's jeopardized the solvency within our HOA community. 

Historically, the BOD's has conspired to create unnecessary Special Assessments,  insurance fraud, nepotistic overstaffing and nepotistic embezzlement through over inflated invoices created by Virgil Magday's and Mike Holguin's conspired "Game Plan". These two individuals have conspired to steal HOA money for over two decades.